Love save the empty

Friday, March 20, 2009

Tounge speaking ;
(Picture before i cut my hair)

Turning into:
Love save the empty - Erin mcCarley
(He's just not that into you)

First of all, Happy Birthday to Meikee, Zhigie and Xiao Tian(21st of March).


Life after exam was extremely bored. (Technically the exam is not over yet. The last paper, physics held on Monday. But its alright, two chapter for the first assessment. heh) Best thing to do now, will be blogging. Don't you think so?

Thursday, went Queensbay in the evening with family, ate the must-restaurant in Queensbay, Dragon-i. But too bad for today, 'Nai You Hwang Sha Bao' is sold out, pretty saddening. T___T

Click here if you're wondering what is my favorite 'Nai You hwang Sha Bao'.


Next, walked around and bought some bras in Jusco. Well, it cost 400 + for 5 bras, reasonable lah hor? heh. What if my dajie saw this? For sure, she'll start her nag, 'What the toot, 400 + for 5 bras only, eh i can buy this this for this price already OKAY? . . . ' Aiya, it doesn't matter, cause we're buying those by paying the Cash Voucher. $.$

Well, a good news and a bad news. Good news is, My darling jane is back from HongKong. And the bad news is, JieLoon is going back on Friday. Wtf, he's going back when my exam is over, din't really get to hang out with him. Sad, blame the stupid school for the stupid exam schedule. WTF.

After Queensbay, went to Gurney met up with Jie Loon, Jane and Emily. Vivian cannot make it.

Helloo, to this effin Hawt Lee Jie Loon.
the hotest guy in his new school.
the so called star player in Penang.
the malaysian but the ang-mo look alike.
the quiet guy who shy, and people name him as Snow white.
Laugh my fucking ass off wey.

Guess you people will disagree with that if you know him. You'll find the discription above are so not true. yeah, i can feel that my sins are getting more when i'm typing those. Ohh, i'm Lying Amen. But those are not from my mouth kay? I searched it from Google, Whooo. My friend very famous hor? wth

Alright, stop laughing. And bet the fakejieloon will so going to appear in my tagboard once he saw this post. heh. But still thanks for dropping us back from Gurney.

Lee Jie Loon, take care. smiles & hugs*

Thats all for it? Probably not, the blogging mode is still on, lets continue.

Well other than that, don't know whether you people still remember, as i promised i'm going to blog about what i bought in L'occitane in this post. Hence, I'm going to blog now since i got nothing better to do.

Skin care from L'occitane.

What i like the most will be the Rose Bud 25% Shea Butter. It was an Ultra Rich Body Cream. Nest will be the detoxifies and softens Grape At-Home-Spa Warming Body Wrap and the 5 essiential hair shampoo and condition. lazy to mention bout the rest, ask me if you want to know more about L'occitane.

Get this if you purcase a Shea Butter for 98, you can get this bag and 2 additional body lotion and a shower soap for 22. Worthy.

Before the bag transform,

After the bag transform,
it can fit in all the stuff i bought.

Can you believe that? The transformation of a little bag can transform to what you looking now. Gaya Sangat. Hmmm.

P/s : Going to get a new MNG top soon. Yay

Lastly, sharing my little thought. People nowadays are getting pathetic, why would they want to lie about their results and everything? Yeah, we're not the judges in your life and we don't give a damn to those fakers, Pretender trying to get attention. Sickening. shake head*

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