The last day of February

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Plan for the day
First, Party in the Park by Project Gossip in the afternoon.
Next, Evening, go Gurney to buy something from L'occitane, again.
Then, Lucas's birthday @ Golden View Service Apartment.

Unfortunately your truthfully woke up late, miss the party in the park. However, luckily i din't go to the party. Gosh, raining wey. It will be super muddy around in explanade. phew*

Later on, mum dropped me to Gurney before she went to Lucas's party. Don't ask me why i'm not going w/ her? I'm going later before i go Gurney to meet up w/ my darling & buy something for her.

Met Chia Hoay coincidently when i first reached.

My Ex classmate from Peng Hwa, Chia Hoay.
Oh the sudden met up reminds me of all my Peng Hwa's friends.
I miss them, shall date them some days before the Form5 ends.

Then, follows the plan to L'occitane to buy some Body Mask for mum. Yesh, again. Just been there on Thursday, here i come again. What to do? I'm a L'occitane fans wert.

Walked around for while we're looking for transport to Lucas's party.

Got nothing to do, had some fitting room fun in MNG.

First, Vivian tried a gray jacket w/ a pink two string top.

This time, i'm wearing the same dress but vivian changed her top into the same design top.
We love the designs & colour so much. Its blue!!

& she changed again, Orange flowery dress.

Woah, 10 now. Everyone is rushing out from Gurney? I wonder why. The carpark was so pack & full of cars. Grace was supposed to drive us to Golden View but we decided to some other ride instead.

Well, what is wrong w/ the lips above? Grace Looi, she bought a Shueumura's Red Lipstick & some red eye shadow. Vivian Looi, the sister was kinda pissed of what she had bought. Grace Looi claimed that, red is hot. (yes we always know that) but what's the point of getting a red lipstick & red eye shadow. Aren't you going to apply them everytime when you hanging around. Its hot but will looks kinda weird somehow.

So she tried it now. See this is her sexy red lips. Hot? Hmmm.

End of the boring craps. Hah*


11pm & we reached Lucas's party, finally. My little brother's sweet fourteen.

Happy Birthday Lucas!!

It was also Derrick's birthday, both held on 28th of February.
Happy Birthday to Derrick Yeah!!

Well, was late missed the birthday song & cutting cake part as well. Thus not much pictures for the party.

Later on, Jane came after her performance. We're going to watch on Sunday. yay!

3 of us,

in the blanket.

Again, 3 of us,

w/ the little cuppacakes.

Once again, took some pictures w/ the birthday boys.

& my darling as well.

Left there about 12 something, & headed to Sunset bistro. No pictures at the beach, camera was left at the service appartment. sobs*

But still i enjoyed over there & had some drink in the middle of night.

Next post- Education @ PISA

P/s will post up what i get from L'occitane.

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