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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Turning into:
Thinking of you - Katy Pery

Goodnight everyone! Now, i'm blogging at G-hotel while my friends are having their drinking party, of course, i'm not participating. Like ya know, i'm not a good drinker, easily drunk and very annoying when i'm drunk. Which my friends hate the most. Malu, T_T

Its Saturday people, the weekend after my unofficial exam. Hang out and Gurney is a must, wonder why? Got no where else better to go. T_T

Once again, Happy Birthday to Meikee and Zhigie. smiles*

Meikee, 19th birthday

Zhigie, 15th birthday

First, met my school mates Ken, Joel, Afiq, Taka, Jet, Viki, Vanessa and Andrea. Surprise much to see them, hanging out after the exam, like me. Half of them are from my class, but some are the next class. I like my school mates, they're lovely even they're from different races or different country.

Xiao Ken Ken, came all the way from Bm.
( He doesn't look small in size. heh)

I stalked them!!

Next, had our little tea time at Winter warmers and dinner at Kozuo.

Emily, she changed again.
(I got the before and after for this time)

While at Winter warmers, with Jane, Cleo and Zhigie as well.

Me, Emily, Joan, Charlene and Jane
Dinner with them.

Goodnight & Sleep tight.
Time to go home & Goodbye.


P/s: This post should be posted much earlier. Went home, transferred my picture.

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