Education fair @ PISA

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Last Sunday, went to PISA for the Star Education Fair 2009 with jane & lin hui. And lin hui's mum as well, she drove us there. Thanks auntie & sorry for making troublem for driving all around, which passes the Airport. wtf.

It was kinda weird to you people, especially to my sister went they see this post, i guess. You people will be extremely shocked by this. Its sounds so impossible to the me right?

'Povy went Education fair?'

'Yea, She's ready to be a successful architect.'


*point to the Last-Time-Povy(lazy one) & laugh at her*

I admit i'm lazy & feel sleepy in school, most of the time.

But still i'm so looking forward to birght my future. Architect!! Buildings!! & MONEY!!


& Bla bla bla bla

Well, guess maybe i'm not an A-stars students or not those students come from those goverment school. Anyhow i'll still do this even i'm a private school student. Eh i met some of my classmate over there too.

Inside the stadium

Okay, i can see the 'Disted' from here, only.

wonder, why are people sitting up there instead of going down to take a look? No idea

walked around, & bumped into Nicholas, he's one of our old friend & etc.


i'm going to show you which links to my future career. HAHAHA


The Foundation in taylor College is an one-year pre-university programme designed for SPM/O-Levels graduates who are interested in pursuing a career in the built environment industry.

Friendly consultant.

But one thing i dislike the most is the booth was located at corner, it makes me waste my time to searching for it. wtf



but too bad, they don't have Architecture course. *correction*

They serve it as diploma, thanks for the correct information. People. :]

So Bye!


its nothing to do with me,

its about my friend, Jane, Lin Hui & Vivian.


Before we left, Jane & Lin Hui insisted that they wanted to join the The Star spin Win lucky draw. Yeah, who doesn't want to get free lunch? But there're no free meal in the world. You'll have to pay RM 1.50 for buying a Star News paper & fill in the form to get the chance to spin. You'll get the prizes of Fire Flys air tickets and an iPod shuffle. Sounds interesting right?

These are the two guys who shouting & promoting loudly.

Well, try my luck for just one time.

*spin spin*

Oops, i missed the Star. T_____T

Get an Xpacks mobile simpacks, i gave it to Lin Hui.

The education were full of those institution's booth. Too bad i don't have much time to go for them one by one. Jane have to go back & get ready for her performance at night. Which i watched with Vivian last Sunday for supporting her. Smile*

Last, thanks to British counsil for giving us a bag before we left.

There's it ends my short while Education Fair, took my 2 hours which is so not enough for me. sobs*

But anyway, the most important is the information provided over there is useful to me, in the future, i guess?.

Smiles & Thank you. //

Next up - Green Apple Charity Concert

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