Ballet Concert

Sunday, March 08, 2009

1st of March/Greenapple Ballet Charity Concert

went to jane's ballet performance at Dewan Sri Pinang. It was a charity performance organised by The Lions Club Of George Town.

' By the Children... For The Children '

The charity show was in aid of Seven homes.


Program Book

Took some pictures with Jane, the swan while having a break.

Me, Jane & Vivian

Belle, Jane & Linhui

bought some bread for her in case she's hungry.

Anyway, met this gang of people in the concert too.

Yee min, Chou yong, Wei nian & Christoper - Ex-sspian.

Not much picture taken, was blocked by some annoying kids. But still going to post up some of my favorite picture of the Show taken by Belle.

First, the hottest dance in the concert

Belly Dance

The rymthm makes me feel like shaking my body and dancing with them. lol*

Next, Mama Mia

Coming next with Higher Ground

and High School Musical

Then, the cutest boy performance.

Pink Panther

Lastly, comes with darling jane's performace,

Swan Lake

with their principle, Miss Grace

The evening was successfuly awesome and pleasant with the music and dance.

- After Show -

Giving out flowers to my darling

Group picture with all the supporter, US. Smiles*

And Laura, she did a great job too.

The concert ended up with a long speech and some thank you ceremony to those dancers, teachers and helpers. Without them, we couldn't get to watch such a good show like this.

Thank you, and no doubt i had enjoyed the show.

She made her day, and colored mine, Jane.

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