Saturday, February 14, 2009

After tuition, went to Vivian's house w/ Jane after her ballet practice.
Bake some cupcakes for the preparation for Valentine, how lovely we are. winks*

Well, get ready all the stuff.
Wtf, i just noticed that, we had bought lotsa of the deco stuff. know why? Because last time me & my partner, Vivian, we used to bake & sell online cupcakes. But we stop during the beginning of the holiday. Holiday full w/ plans wert, going for vacation, working & etc. Hence, no extra time for the cupcakes. Sorry to all my cupcakes babe & those customer. lol.

Banyak tak?

Process of Baking;

First, mix & blend all the Sugar, Butter, Flour, Baking Powder & Milk together w/ electronic mixer. Add in some baking cocoa to make it more chocolate-ish.

Blend until the mixture is light & fluffy. Then spoon them into the cupcakes cases. (it takes long time, if you bake alot. =.=)

Preheat the oven for few minutes before you bake.

20 minutes later, done.

Something that can easy to be photographed & showing some love. I enjoyed though it take times to clean up when you're baking in the middle of night & sacrificing your lovely bedtime.

SEE, my darling such a dirty cat. She cabut half way when we're cleaning. BO LO IONG! hah

Here are some cupcakes after the long night baking.


Vivian's & Mine

Sweet bo?

& this is the one ordered from customer.

Wonder why there's empty decoration for the middle four? - Out of cream. wtf

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