Sunday, February 01, 2009

**** edited ***

Saturday night, party night, So lets party tonight! woohooo*
Well, Penang is kinda small, nice places are just that little, so no where else better than Upr right? Yeah man.

Jane & Hui picked me up after their party & uncle dropped us there to meet up w/ Jie Loon.
It was Jieloon's last party before he back off to Singapore. Ooops*

There the party goes on . . .

Did not drink much, dance most of the time . .

Jieloon & Edward syoik sangat kan? Lmao

Jane, Me, Stef & her friend

Alan the king, Jieloon, me, sis & jane

Sabrina, Fang, Chen, Venice

Part like a rock stars, LOL
wtfffff ****

Party Pals,

After Club,

Boys & Girls ;

** End **

After all, the club was packed, but i enjoyed though.
More party next time, but won't be so soon until the next holiday i guess.
Wait for me peeps. ;D

Schooling tomorrow, gonna wake up early.

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