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Saturday, February 28, 2009

A really Big Sorry to all the readers.
Updates are slow for nowadays. Was having a boring weekdays, don't feel like blogging until the past weekends. Was a eventful weekends. smiles*


First, i'm updating my un-done post for MAC Hello Kitty.
Bet you guys were thinking, Wtf, thats it? How could i get to know about M.A.C product w/o any information or elaboration or explanation or what ever it is. People, did you read it? There's a big note, NOT DONE. So no blaming okay? Thanks

Well, Lets come w/ the sweetest crossovers by M.A.C & Hello Kitty.

The launch is going to starts on 6th of March @ Gurney, Penang. I'm not sure for other shopping malls. It might be the same, during the beginning of March if i'm not mistaken. MAC will be launching the latest M.A.C products w/ some make up show & pretty models as well. Most probably during weekends. & don't miss it, they're giving out some free testers. winks*

Check them out if you're one of the M.A.C fans, like me. wide smiles*

Hello Kitty Mild

Hello Kitty Mild, meet Hello Kitty Wild! Sweet and innocent or out on the prowl: when she's good, she's very good, but when she's bad, she's unmistakably M·A·C!

Hello Kitty Wild

The icon adored by millions around the world is causing a commotion with our special, limited-edition collection of colour, finishes, glitter and shine, and a fanciful range of exclusive, It-Kitty accessories: the season's most sought-after collectibles!

All the Collection Products.

Besides that, M.A.C are having some cute little accessories w/ Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty Accessories

Covet über-cute beaded charm bracelets, devilishly adorable graphic totes, makeup bags, charmed and mirrored key clips...and Hello! Her absolute Must-Have: the fabulous 8" plush Hello Kitty doll!

Hello Kitty Sweepstakes

Follow M.A.C Hello Kitty's lead - share your flava - full feelings today!
Download M.A.C widget. Enter to win!

Pictures & Information are from Temptalia & MacCosmetics.

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