leaving Pg, going Kay-L

Friday, February 06, 2009

Hellooooo boys & girls,

i'm making a big announcement, i'm leaving Penang, going to Kay-L on tomorrow morning. Yay! Surprisingly, the coming Monday will be the replacement holiday for Thaipusam. So i quickly made up my mind to go down to KL for few days. Pandai not? Therefore, i might not be updating my blog till Monday. But anyway, i'll try my best to update whenever i can get a chance to online, by using my sister's laptops. Heh*

Okay i think i'm going to be the first on to wish this,

Happy Thaipusam to everyone

Hmmm, in case you people will forget me after few days,
Below are Povy & two of her great darlings.

(A universal peace sign to everyone yea?. ;])

Don't worry i'll be back in 3 days time. Don't miss me okay? ;)
* waves & flying kisses **

Oh finally gotta meet him on tomorrow. *jumping around & shy*

Well, stop now, its time to pack my clothes for tomorrow. Err, i think it will be less than 10 hours till tomorrow morning. Oh god, gimme some idea on what to wear. I'm like out-of-clothes already. :/ Help me god, Amen.

Btw, end here & GoodNight.

Love Povy.

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