Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Update for my Kay-L trip ;

Kay L, went there for 3 days 2 night, sleeping over @ sister's hostel. So don't have to pay for the hotel or any rental, very smart right?

Went One Utama when we first reached, later on headed to Pavilion cause sis have to meet up w/ her Kl's friends. Then what about me? Meet my friends also lah.

So people, say Hi to Pavilion.

& also Happy Birthday to Pavilion,

It was the first anniversary of the mall.

Well, i did something really random. I took a picture w/ one of the My FM DJ, Gym. Pretty Random right? lol.

After that, did a little shopping while waiting for my third sis to join us for dinner.


F.y.i, Saturday night, there were a big new year function along Bintang Walk. Stage were set up right in front of Pavilion Mall & many performances were having there. It was so pack, & many Malay were there. Ewww. =.=

(Oh sorry, i'm racist. XD)

Well look at picture below,

He's one of my sister's Kl friends. He's super gentlemen wey. He helped us to carry our bag even its super heavy. Oh guys, learn from him.
& one thing he quite good looking w/ a mascular body. Interested? ;D

*don't ask me the name, i've forgotten* pai seh.

Before i left Bintang Walk,

(ignored my face, it looks so oily. =.=)

Took cab back to sis's hostel. Tiring but looking forward to the next day. ;]

The next day,
went to Sg Wang for lunch & my favorite sticker pic. Met Ming Sheng over there.

Ate Guei Leng Gou,

Yeah, favorite section - Sticker Picture


After a short while shopping in Sg Wang, went to Pavilion again.

Met Edward & Alan too, they were here for Candice Farewell. Such a sweet friends. :)

Hmmm, Lv wallet? Wondering what to do w/ that right??
Well, i'm going to tell you a story now.

Ms J was busy buying her valentine gift for her bf. Finally she bought it after few hours. Then she showed Mr E & friends. But Mr E perli-ed her that, he bought it so much cheaper in Penang. Ms J came all the way down from Penang to Kl, but she ended up buying something which is easily get in Gurney Penang & its much expensive compare to Mr E's one.


But later on,

karma karma. .

Mr E met Mr B. They bought a same wallet. What so special right? Eh its LOUIS VUITON multiple wallet okay?. Special r not?. XD

Well, Mr E bought a the black one in few hours ago at starhill galery which cost him 1550, very rich hor?

But Mr B bought the brown one in Australia only cost him 900 & its about one month ago. Whoa it was like, so much cheaper between the 600.

So people, don't do bad things (laugh at people), you'll get karma like Mr E.


Here'e the Louis Vuiton Multiple Wallet


Night, went to Sunway Pyramid for my dinner/supper.

Ate Italiannies, yummy. Especially the cake below.

First layer w/ vanilla ice cream, then chocolate ice cream. Bottom w/ orea crush.
Mmmmm, very delicious. ;)

Oh, the last day. :/ went to Midvalley before going back to Penang. So i bought something again, i feel sorry for wasting alot of money.

Anyway here is all my final goodies.

But according to my list, i've miss out lotsa them. *sigh*
    white bags
    black bags
    body scrub
    valentine present
    Harajuku Lovers's perfume
    water tumbler
My god, i just bought 3 out of the list, but i had spend alot money on 5 dresses, a bag & a shorts & all the FOODs. Kl's food is so expensive, i'm getting poor if i stay there longer.


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