Girls day out

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Tuesday, a replacement public holiday for the Pai Tee Kong ceremony but just to some government school, not to all. lol.

Was a girls day out w/ my darlings, also considered as one of the Wingeez Monthly reunion day.

Location : Sega, Gurney
Time : 4-6, Evening
Theme : White Pants is a must

Mr JC came joined us half way @ Sega.

Here's the Thank you picture from me & jane to Mr JC.

He treated all of us a free drinks. But anyway, it doesn't cost much cause we were getting an ex-staff-price.

Thus, i would like to say this out loud, 'once you're Sega Worker, you'll get the staff price forever'. Its kinda good experience having a holiday working which will benefit you sometimes. Heh*

Well, some random shoot,

Holding Mr Jc's itouch.

Did you notice that the itouch babe got a cute outfit?

Busy w/ Quadrapop

After a short gossip, Sze dropped us to jane's house before she went back home for her tuition preparation.

Can you believe that, 3 people squeeze in this cute little portable Peugeot. Sounds so impossible right? But we managed to do it. Give us a big clap.

Btw, thanks to Sze & her eldest sis for the ride or else we're going to walk back. Lucky yea. Winks*

Come Come, spread some love among friends,

Just like us. xoxo

Hmmm, was wonder did i react too much while i first met his sisters? Did not talk much to them but they were friendly to me anyway. Consider as a Happy Meet Up?. ;]

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