Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Helloooo, this is gonna be a post about the yummy food i ate recently. Some of them are Korea food, Chinese food & Japanese food. Very international huh?? lol. Anyway, i find that my blog are a little too boring(Any idea readers? hmmm), so i'm trying to take every single shot on my food so that they'll coloured my blog. hah*

They are pretty delicious okay? You'll know after you scroll down.


Sunday dinner @ Seoul Garden, restaurant above sunrise McD.

The vege in my mouth, can't really fit in anyway.

Appetiser, normally will be 8 dishes but they were late, so they're not it the picture section. Sorry*

Barbeque-ing the mainated chicken & pork,

After a while, its Done!

I don't take beef, very wtf hor?. But never mind lah, used to it.

Korea Spicy Noodle,

It was cold & it doesn't taste spicy at all. Try this*

Korea Egg Pancake,

Sunday dinner w/ my family before my movie, Bride wars. The food was awesome but kinda expensive though. Thanks to daddy anyway.

Ps, miss out one of my favorite dish, GinSeng Chicken.


Monday Lunch @ Dragon-i, Queensbay Mall,

My favorite, Nai You Huang Sha Bao
The Bao i ever tried, seriously.

Tong Sui,

Seafood Fried Rice,

Beijing Xiao Long Bao,

One of their favorite dish***


Don't really remember whats the name.
Btw, i like Vegetables alot but i'm not vegetarian, i eat meat.

Well, not much food ordered on that day. Will be post up more photos if i'm going again. promise yea? winks*


Tuesday dinner @ Takehana, AutoCity.

Don't laugh at me if i'm wrong, correct me! lol.

Chawan Mushi,

Japanese brinjal,

Mix Soup Ramen,

Unagi Don,

Chicken Barbeque Stick,

How do you think? Delicious or not? Want to have some?
Well, i think i'm going to look for more delicous food.

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