Monday, January 19, 2009


Its gonna be a boring post after the Healthy Friday.

went Bangkok Lane for a short shop w/ sis. Clothes down there was nice, but din't manage to get anything. Maybe i'm too choosy or not in the mood of shopping. heh* Later on, Ken pay a visit, surprisingly. He seldom come to Penang though.

The pink shop in Bangkok Lane,

Oh did i miss out something? Uhh, not really. As you people can see, my darling V was there too although she's covering her faces. Money Money!

Ken pay a visit, surprisingly. He seldom come to Penang cause he used to stay @ Bm. But he came all along for schooling, thats how i know him. ;)

Ken bought us some food too. Thanks*


Woke up & get ready to Queensbay, shopping again. Bought a white top from Forever-21, & thats all. But at least better than yesterday. hah* The mall was crowd & bumped into lotsa people, babyvon, Angelyna, Sara Yeoh & etc. People are making their last shopping before the CNY. What about you? Did you get your clothes done?

Well, people involved, Me, sis, mum, bro, Lucas & Kah Chung.

Thanks for the XX company giving out 2000 Jusco cash voucher. Hence, No money were spend inside. ;)

Hmmm good to get free things but too bad i'm just using it for like food, but not clothes. You know lah, Jusco clothes are . . No offence. heh*

Went Penang Sport Club to take our dinner w/ Lucas' & Marcus' parents. The dinner was nice, enjoyed much. Thanks to Auntie & Uncle. Met Tendy's Ahnad, very random huh?. lol.

After dinner,

I'm the camera man cause i'm not playing. wtf.

Found something interesting, its weigthing machine.

Oh people, few more to reach 40 kg. Word harder Povy, Gain more weigth. =D

Well, its me

& my sister, Poh Fern

Weekends over.

Next, ping pong match tomorrow @ Peng Hwa. be patient, update will be up soon.

Stay tune.

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