Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hello Wednesday, Hello Schooling day. Sleepy & tiring like normal days. Well, i had spend half of my daily time on schooling, 8 hours, its been a long so i don't have tans of homework like those goverment schoo. As you people know, i'm studying in Sri Pinang, private school. What if there's still lotsa homework for me? Oh No, how do i get my time for other activities? i still have to cut out some of them for my tuition. Its killing people. sometimes will be 2 tuition in a day, but what to do? SPM year.

Anyway don't think i'm a nerd? i'm not, i'm still having some after class/tuition activity though. *smile*

Tuition over, tiring but learn lotsa new things for today. went back to jane's house while waiting for Eugene. About 15 minutes later, Eugene came & followed me along for my dinner. Yes, i haven't take my dinner yet, i'm having tuition wert & yes he's watching me taking my dinner. Hah* Headed to Starbucks later on.

The after class/tuition, accompany study past time
Location : Starbucks Coffee, Gurney Hotel

Well, its weekend, so not much people over there, kinda nice to study over there. Ah Ju & one of his friend came later on. They were study cause their exam is just around the corner, so i'm doing my Sejarah work. I hate Sejarah!



Forget his name, but thanks to him for the song- Crazy.
its Annoying, haha.

Ah Ju, I hate him, Violence guy.

My accompanion , Green Tea Soy Latte & Calculator

The boring me

Some pictures while doing my homework after home, unbelievable right? yes, i'm lying. Picture taken before wednesday but i'm doing my homework, seriously. I don't lie twice lah, okay?. lol*

Just want to blogged bout my black hair, i had dyed back my hair due to my school. *sad*

And to those who want to see my un-make-face, Here it is.

I know, i looked pale & colourless. But like who cares? ;]

Thursday, Friday? Wait.

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