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Saturday, January 03, 2009

I know its been kinda late to post this up, but like who cares. I'm not rushing to be the first & yet i'm not the last, i guess.

Life was kinda busy lately. Holidays for 2 months, most of my days were filled by working, hanging around, partying, meeting up w/ all the peoples all the way for holidays, blogging(very rare, i know), traveling(not much, but i enjoyed though), live entertaining(gossip? cat-fight? tagboard spamming? etc.) & bah blah. But its time for a full stop.

The fabulous 2008 is over, Lets welcome the challenging 2009 & looking forward for the year 2009 to be better than ever.

Before the New Year Resolution for 2009, i'm going to slightly blog about my Review of 2008. Lets see.

Review of 2008 ;

My 2008 had gone through so many unexpected experinces, like an adventurous journal. I had gone through all these w/ happy, sad, depression, fear, anger, dissapointment, hopeless, thankful to every single moment i treasured. People i met( true friends or fake friends? i don't even care, as long as i cherish the moment we spent, but still, i give you a heart & i wish another heart coming back as a love or respect. But to those bitches/faker/backstabber, i don't give a damn. Get life! ) fight w/ my friend, the relationship that been going up & down, the break up, the rumors around, my grandpa's passing & what so ever. It really bring me down. Hence, a very big thank you to my family & my friends, thanks you for advicing me & standing by my side all the way down, so that i'm able to handling them well. Despite, i would like to thanks to those adventures. After gone through all these, i'm growing up in the way of thinking, socializing, facing trouble & people, that makes me learn alot of things. But one thing my studies doesn't grow smoothly, Sorry.

After a short summarize version of my Review, whats my New Year Resolution?

New Year Resolution ;

1. Study hard for the major exam in my high school life, the SPM. Getting serious this year, don't fool around like last year. Start to eat up all my book from January, its either textbook or refrences book, No storybook & Magazine please. & get more tuition for every subjects if possible, especially for Physics & Chemistry. Don't ever failed any single subject, Econs perhaps? Read more books to improve my writing scale. Pay more attention during class & tuition, don't talk too much & don't sleep too much, no nap is the best. Do finish all my homeworks, don't leave it aside, they seems lonely sometimes. Hah*

2. Less make up. For the sake of study year, we've set up a monthly make up plan, it will fine us 5 ringgit/10 ringgit if we'd make up more than once for every month. People involve, me, Darling V & J. lol* Reason why of doing that? less make up is good for our skin. I want good complexion & turn into fairer if possible, i know i'm dark. How sad. But anyway i believe in the better the skin & the body, the better the way of doing everything.

3. Less Hang out. no more outing frequently like what i did the past 2008. Stay at home study, study & study.

4. Take more healthy food, such as no pork belly, no all the fats stuff, no extra cheese, no supper @ 3am, no tomyam maggie so often, no alchohol. Well, not because i'm fat, because my Cholesterol is getting higher & higher, it will cause cancer when i'm getting older. Oh No, i still want to keep my life longer for my marriage, & watching my son/daughter's marriage, & my son/daughter's son/daughter's marriage & blah blah. So just stop it or less taking it. Lmao

5. Physical exercise. play badminton every week & during school time but not skipping class. lol.

6. Save more money. Money Money, the source of living. Again for the sake of study year, stay at home, less hang out & keep more money for the trip after SPM. i'm Poor Teng ma, so i want to be rich! hah*

7. Get my driving license soon. Pass my undang, faster get 'L' license & get my 'P' stick on my car. Hah*

8. Stop unnecessary topic like gossiping, bitching, talking lame things besides studying.

9. Blog more often & investigate more things on my blog to make more people to read it. cause i really love blogging. ;D && of course you readers should either encourage or force your friends to come and read or just to fill my counts & make me happy. Thanks if you readers do this for me. heh*

10. Less online, especially Facebook. By the way, i don't on my msn very often, so it doesn't make any differents. But i'll still blog, cause its healthy & i love blogging, Happy readers? lol*

11. Stay single or else get into a serious relationship, no more puppy love around. Time to grow up & time to look for someone who'd really grow up to get into a serious relationship. Hah* & one thing, i'm not desperate okay? I don't mind being single as long as my friends & family is w/ me, i got 3 hot darlings. *showing off*

12. Make my life better & getting hotter than who ever fucking shit i hate or the who ever trying to bring down my life. Oh sorry, i'm going live my life in the glamorous way w/ my friends & family. It will be much much much better than yours, fuck off you bitch. haha*

See, hows my resolution? Very healthy & interesting right, what about yours?

Rewind & Flash back;
My history back to 2008,
from January to December.

Do i looks any different for the whole?
do change, or not?

Getting Hotter? lol*

Last before it ends,

To all my family, thanks for the support & the love you gave. Especially mummy, thanks for forgiving what i've done for the whole year & dissapointing you, i'll do better this year, i promise. & Ahma, stay healthy w/ the life w/o Grandpa, he's always be w/ us. Sis, miss you, very miss you @ wherever you are. - I Love You Guys!

To all my true friends, especially Wingeez who always be at my side. - Hope that our friendship will last till forever, our friendship will never end.

To all my friends who walked me all the way & passing through in my life time. - Thank you for giving me a chance to meet you in my life & learn a lesson from you guys.

To all my schoolmates/classmate/teachers/principal, - i'm going to see you soon. How sad.

To all the bloggers/readers - enjoy blogging & enjoy reading.

To all my haters/backstabber/faker, i don't give you a damn so Fuck you!

Special to Vivian, To the alphabet starting w/ 'C', 'A' & 'Y'. Yes, you people shall die!! So people Lets have an eating Apom day w/ my darlings! they're really delicious! yummy* Oh as we said, We have Sins!! lol

Once again Happy New Year to my readers,
may everyone here have a wonderful 2009 & all the best in everything.

Till then, Povy.
Good luck for the SPM takers & pray hard for me too kay? xoxo

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