Saturday, January 03, 2009

Hello 2009 & the day was pretty boring so i blog & blog till the next day morning(tuesday). I slept @ 7.30 but Candice wake me up @ 1 something. Ish i need more sleep wey. =/ As when i wake up, Joelle cam & pay a visit to look for my sis, Jingrou came later on. They were here for the last visit before my eldest sis went back to Uk for her futher studies nor working. They left bout 6 something. I'll miss you sis, Joanne & i'm missing you another sis, Joyce. /♥

Well, the day had been going pretty randomly, lol. its really strange to me, i met some random people & i hang out w/ some random people w/ random gang. but its okay, i'll try to make it not-so-awkward. lol*

Evening, Lin Hui came suddenly & gave me a surprise w/ her Sorry Card & a chocolate.
Hui, seriously we din't mad at you, so your card is not accepted but your chocolate is. Chocolate is . yummy*

The Random Candid ;

1st picture ; Sisters & her friends rushing out but there were haze around, Looks blur. lol. * Random 1*
2nd picture ; Hui pay a visit w/ her Sorry card & Chocolate. *Random 2*
3rd picture ; Er whats Lucas & my fat bro doing? reading something. . .
4th picture ; Me & Candice.

Another Random things happened, i got no plan for the day! lol. Candice was here, so she ajak-ed me to go out w/ her & Shindee. But planned change, Shindee cannot make it. So we switched the plan to dinner w/ her some other friends. lol.

Before going out,

I her & miss her, sometimes. hah*

Evening, went out w/ candice & her friends, Alan, KokJie, SzeRuey. They used to be my sister's friends which are one year older than me. *Random 3* lol. First. went to SzeRuey's house to pick her up before headed to Gurney for our dinner. Candice requested to take our dinner @ Breeks, so we just obey our princess Kl - Candice Sow. Edward joined half way.

Dinner Time - Breeks

Random pictures of Me, Candice & SzeRuey

Later on went to Winter warmers to look for my X'mas present that given by Hui. So sorry to said, i left it during New Year Eve. But Thanks to god, they kept it for me.

Aww it was so sweet, Love you winter warmers. hah*
*Random 5*

Walked around @ Gurney,

Me & Ruey Ruey.

- Bibis boutique -

Camwhore while priness Candice is trying in the fitting room.

Met Eugene, ah ju & the rest @ 7th floor. *Random 5* They were planning to watch a movie as what i'm going to do later. Thats why, & sorry for not joining for the movie. I had been dated for another show. Maybe we could catch up next time? Hah* Met Qiqi & Xiao Tian as well.

Left, My Wai Yu ; Right , The Seahorse

Alright, time for the movie. watched Bedtime Stories w/ Bing Han, Jun Wey & one of their classmate, Ah Chung. lol. Ahem, shy to said he's also one of my victim that got my pictures as wallpaper. i know its sounds crazy, but fun & i enjoyed though. *Random 6*

The movie was nice & its so much better than Yes Man, in my own opinion. Maybe i'm in love w/ Bugsy, Bobbi, Patrick, Fix-A-Lot & The Red Ferrari.

Red Red, Addicted to red!

Well, after the movie, met up w/ Eugene they all @ Cyc. They were playing over there. A little funny to me, so i consider as *Random 7*

Anyway, we were playing w/ the shooting game, which i don't play normally. *Random 8* i Win i win!! Hah* (Raymond, i make the font bigger, so Read that. *points* )

Okay people met the Hot Shooter ;

from left to right ; Seahorse Ah Ju, Lala Raymond, Hot me & Wai yu Eugene


Later after the play, they decided to Coffee Island & of course w/ a bunch of their friends. lol* Well, no pictures of Coffee Island & not going to talk much bout things happen in Coffee Island. Btw, met Feicui, Yeeming, Wen & some of their friends there. *Random 9* i got free treat, a Hot Caramel Chocolate from Coffee Island. Thanks to the Mr Raymond. Haha. Went back home bout 2 something. Thanks for the ride, Mr Ju Seang, the seahorse.

Till then & thats call it a day, a 10-Random-things-happened day.

xoxo ;

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