Ping Pong Match

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Excited, went to school before the match, but skipped Mr Siaw's Addmath/Math lesson & the rest. Went to Peng Hwa by school van.

Playing/Practicing before the match.

On the way, Cho chuan & Ahnad. They're so random i know.

Me & darling Vivian, Love this shot.

First reached Peng Hwa,

noticed something, THE TOILET is renovated! People see, this is Peng Hwa's toilet. Unbelievable right?

So we decided to take picture in the toilet w/ belle & hui & their toilet pass.

Darling Jane
came after her class,

a picture w/ Shi Yee.

1.30 pm,

Match began, Darling Sze counting for the match,


Me, Angelyna, Milo, Nikki, Sze & Vivian

Well, its darling turn to play,

Sri Pinang Versus Convert Pulau Tikus

The score she get.

Ping Pong Double, Me & viv

Cho chuan & chee chau

Oh so random, our ping pong teacher slept during the competition. Pretty Random! hah

Shout out 1,

Annie, She's one of the best ping pong player i ever see. She can play very well, seriously. She won the first place of course. Lets see how she play.

Day 1 & day 2,

Day 3,

Me & Annie. Whoohoo*

Jieloon came back on Monday & he pay a visit while we're playing Ping Pong.

Jieloon & Xiao Ke Ai.

The true friends ;

Shout out 2,

This is Vivian & her Bff. lol*

Shout out 3,

Spotted, SSp vs SPI. SSp won of course. proud*


Next up, Tuesday - Dad's annual dinner.

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