New Year Eve Celebration

Friday, January 02, 2009

- New Year Eve -

: 12 December cross over 1 January
Venue : Marina Bay/Manilla Place & Winter Warmers @ Gurney/Sega & Bed @
Bellisa Row

4-5 pm ; went to Sze's house, The so sick Bing Han Lee Cool dropped me there. * Thanks ji mui & take care. *
Time to meet my girls, @ Sze's house, get ready well & make up before going out. We weren't in a good mode but we were trying to make it perfect before ended up our fabulous 2008. =/

6-7 pm ; visit Viv's aunt's house @ Marina Bay, from Block B to Block A. Later on Zi Xuan fetched us to Gurney. * Thanks for the ride & make us not to walk. lol. Happy New Year anyway *

8 pm ; reached Gurney, headed to manilla place for our dinner, just a normal dinner as usual. People involved, Wingeez, Hui & Juan. Met Marcus, John & Lary when we first reached, they left after our arrival. lol.

Oh sorry, din't take any pictures w/ Hui due to her sudden plan, went off w/ her friends. hurtful*

After Dinner ;

My fulltime darlings ;

Just simply them.

9-12pm ; hanging around @ Gurney. Met lotsa random people, like ChoChia, Inn, Chin Hwei & etc. lol. Vic came & Vivian left. Its was full of people, i hate crowd. So we deiceded to get some sit & drinks. chilled @ Winter warmers while waiting for the fireworks. My bro & Lucas joined us for while. The environment down there was nice but too bad our darling Vivian wasn't w/ us, She went to her bf's house. Hurtful*

12 sharp, fireworks up!

Happy New Year People!!

The first picture we took on 2009

12-2 am ; we went to Bellisa Row to met w/ Calvin they all @ Sega. Sorry for late cause its too crowded in Gurney, lmao. Went Bed visit Ah ju working & met our Sombong friend, Juan.

Ju Seang, the seahorse sedang curi tulang. Ngek*

A friend, Raymond who gave me the little green light. lol

How you think about him? He's sort of ........
(Lala/Cool/Ah Beng/Hot/Lame/Stim/your own opinion)
get up your mind & think about it. Hah*

One more,

'The Brothers' ;

Vivian & Vic came after so long, about 1 hour later. One thing to say, Wait doesn't feel good. lol. Vic drove us back to Sze's house. * Thanks for the ride & stay sweet w/ my darling V, i believe true love will last * Night, sleep over @ Sze's House.

Do always the lift w/ a mirror.

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