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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Date ; Stories

1/12 ; went Redbox w/ my darling Jane & Vivian. Went Airport to pick up my sis later on.
2/12 ; attended some dinner @ Falim w/ sung & his friends. After that met up w/ Jane, jie loon & etc @ jane's house. ate supper @ Ali w/ my darlings & also Eugene & Jason.
3/12 ; went Club w/ Jane, jieloon & xiao ke ai. Night sleepover @ viv's house
4/12 ; spend most of my time @ viv's house. Then night watched Transporter 3 w/ Bing Han.
5/12 ; Grandpa pass away @ late night, stay @ home for the funeral. Funeral day 1,viv came as a visit.
6/12 ; Funeral day 2, met my relatives.
7/12 ; Funeral day 3, viv, jane, eugene & raymond came as a vist.
8/12 ; Funeral day 4, met Odie.
9/12 ; Funeral day 5, went Sungai Petani to burial my Grandpa. Night went Gurney met up w/ my darlings. Met Hooi Hooi & her daughter too.
10/12 ; * Happy Birthday Katherine * Stayed @ home for the whole day as a respect for the traditional day seventh for my grandpa's dead.
11/12 ; went SP again to visit grandpa. went out till late night w/ Zi Xuan. * missing some other part *
12/12 ; went Gurney w/ darling vivian & watched Twilight w/ her & Eugene.
13/12 ; working @ Sega. Night went Bed w/ Juan & Vannesa. Went QE-II followed by Mois.
14/12 ; Dinner w/ my family @ Fong Wei Restaurant.
15/12 ; Hang out w/ jane & sze @ Gurney. later on watched The Day the Earth Stood Still w/ Zhi yang while waiting for Viv. Eugene fetched us back to Viv's house.
16/12 ; * Happy Birthday Natalie * take my undang test @ Rilek, Green Lane. was sick.
17/12 ; went Pragin Mall w/ Sze & Viv before viv off to Singapore. Later on went Gurney drive for dinner w/ my darling S.
18/12 ; stayed @ home. Night time, had my dinner @ Ingolf Restaurant w/ mum.
19/12 ; Sang K w/ Sze & Viv, @ Redbox. Then chilled @ Winter Warmers & watched Bolt.
20/12 ; Wingeez day out, w/ my darlings of course. Chilled @ winter warmers. Eugene joined us after his work. After that went Bed met up juan, then went New BT for supper.
21/12 ; Went Queensbay w/ mum, sis, bro, jane, lucas & etc. Had our dinner @ Dragon-i & went for a little shop @ Forever-21.
22/12 ; went Gurney watched Ip Man w/ Bing Han, had my dinner w/ him. Night time went paradise beach before headed to Viv's house. * Thanks for the memories. *
23/12 ; Auntie Tanny dropped me & viv @ jane's house. Then Auntie Joy brought us to Queensbay. Shop & Eat. Later on went Gurney met up w/ The brothers, Cal, Mel & Vic.
24/12 ; Its Christmas eve, had my dinner @ Deluxcious before going to paradise beach met up w/ my darlings for the Christamas Eve-Countdown. Went Subaidah after that, met alot people on that day. Night, sleep over @ Jane's house.
25/12 ; * Merry Christmas * - exhaunted, stayed @ jane's house. Then went for dinner w/ my family @ Ramen King.
26/12 ; * Happy Birthday Wen * went Gurney w/ jane & hui. Watched Yes Man w/ them & the brothers. One thing, special to my friend, Bye & all the best over there. take care.
27/12 ; planned for the day, Gurney & club. Before that went Coffee Island for dinner, met danny. Later on sung dropped me @ Gurney, met up w/ Jane, Viv & Hui. But plan canceled, sleepover @ Tang's house, which bro, Lucas & Marcus were there too.
28/12 ; @ Tang's house. Subway as breakfast. Went jane's house later on. Night time, had my dinner w/ my family @ Goh Sui Ki. After that went Gurney for while before headed to Alice's drinking party.
29/12 ; went Gurney as usual. Then Bing Han brought us to Tambun for our dinner, w/ the noob Jun wey as well. Night time, went to the famous Char koay Teow Stall for supper w/ them & Gaik hoe, Kok aun joined half way.
30/12 ; * Happy Birthday Cleo * Morning, went manilla place for breakfast to use up the voucher Viv had. lol. Evening, met Cleo @ gurney w/ Li chen & sister, emily, zhigie, sabrina & etc @ winter warmers. Btw, met sis, Jing rou & Steven the dinasour. Later on went Redbox once w/ my darlings before the 2008 end. After that went to visit Uncle Seng. Btw, met sis & Steven the dinasour.

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*points, pictures below*

12/12 ;

Welcome the Christmas & New Year,
Good Bye 2008!
Welcome 2009!

Location : SASA

14/12 ;

granny, uncle, auntie, daddy, mummy . . .

15/12 ;

empty sit for vivian. Darling V, we're waiting for you to fill in to make the perfect wingeez. ;)

17/12 ;

Gurney Drive & Coffee Bean

19/12 ;

Missing J

20/12 ;

wingeez Rocks!

21/12 ;

i'm the photographer. ;D

25/12 ;


Happy Moments we had, appreciate.

27/12 ;

The SUPER STAR, Mr Calvin. lol

Beware, We got SUPER POWER!!

28/12 ;


29/12 ;


from left ; Bing Han's, Jun Wey's, Mine, Gaik Hoe's, Kok Aun's
They got our curse. lol*

30/12 ;

Happy Birthday Cleo! xoxo



31st of December? Will be update on the following post.

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