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Sunday, January 18, 2009

* Picture added, credit to Jane *

Guess where were we? No idea right? Just scroll down to get your answer. ;]

School, sunny;

Friday, uniform day. Scouts gathered behind the back yard & had a short breathing before all the activities started. TL & ATL gave out the station games to every patrol, each station w/ 2 patrol for half an hour. It seems to take quite a long period for old time when i'm still a akido members, but its seems time passes faster these time. Maybe i'm fully participating? Oh what a goo scout. *proud* However, the activities started at 2pm, where's the big friendly sun hanging on top. Oh what the fuck, its pretty hot. I hate sun, maybe don't for sunrise? but i don't think i'm catching it up very often, i'm a late-sleeper & late-waker. lol* But still praying hard for scouts moment to past faster.

Station one,

#1 Dead Man - climb along the string, its quite thick in real but looks thin in picture.
I tried, but can consider as Not also because i din't make any move.

Okay this is a guy i hate, he's prefect & he's black, very black. Like charcoal.
Don't ask me why i'm taking the picture if i hate him that much, accident.

Ps : picture above are giving wrong information, it should be climbing on the string, not below/under. So ignore the black guy. Hah Hate him!

#2 Climbing trees - climb along the tree trunk
Well, i had been asked for trying it before all my patrol members, but i'm still the last. Normally are Ladies first but exception for this time. *cheesee* Anyway i tried but ended up climbing it for not even 5 seconds. Failure. Partly, i refused to do it. *heads down, felt guilty* Oi, don't look down on me okay? Believe me its not that easy as you think, it may hurts. Not everyone can do it, as i'm the one of them. *shy*

Both are Jian Wei, he is a good climber. He can get to the top in few seconds time, imagine how fast he is? *clap clap* such a great monkey. hah*

# 3 Vertical - (no description, pictures will show)
Same here, i did not do well, like previous two. Mahaa*

Vivian, The ATL

Take 1

Take 2

Henry above.

Pictures below while we were waiting for our turn & lepak-ing.

Don & Haw Yang

Me & Henry. Oh shy me. lol*

random picture

Well, there're two more station but no pictures for it.

Station two,

will be attending a boring theory lesson in the electronic's rooms. Nothing much besides boring talk so just skip it. heh*

Station three, last station,

just practising or train up the disciplin, its not that hard as the first station but i hate it the most. Due to the rude ATL, khee ping. She hit our partol members for not doing what she wants. dot. Helloooo, you din't even teach us, what do you expect from us?. Duhh, hate her.

Ps : She's one of the prefect too.

Afterall, activties ends at 3.30pm, school dismiss as scouts too. Met some random people before going back to Vivian's house. What a coincidence. lol* Grace fetched us home & picked jane up along the journey, for the sake of tuition. Yes, tuition again, a Chemistry tuition. lol*

Vivian's house;

Reached vivian's house, ate something & played The Sims while waiting for teacher's arrival. The Sims was fun, was thinking to get one at home.

Teacher came, tuition began. Hui came half way & joined for the tuition because she's late. The lesson was interesting, thanks to the tuitor, Mr Andrian. Starting to love Chemistry. Heh* Tell me if you do love it too.

7pm, finished tuition & go for badminton as Grace requested, was a last minuted plan. Changed then headed to Penang Swimming Club. A badminton play w/ The Looi's & Jane.

Psc, Night;

Penang Swimming Club

The badminton court,

The place is big, it can fit in 3 badminton court & there's still a big space for people to dance.

After a serious play,

people starts to fool around,

Jane & Vivian showing off their sexy butt. Haw Yang is laughing aside.

Picture w/ racket.

Oh trying very hard to jump like something, but . . .

Finally got one in the end. *smiles*

Dinner @ Ingolf, PSC

View along the PSC swimming pool, right outside Ingolf.

Ingolf, a german restaurant

Hungry, but not taking heavy food. Fruit juice for each of us, a Salmon Salad & a Chicken Breast for all of us. 2 main course w/ a mushroom soup for 3 person. Not enough maybe, but its okay for someone just finished their sports. Very healthy right? *peace*

The portion of the food is big, so don't worry if we're starving or what, we really got much more than enough. Heh*

Non stop activities makes me feel like bone cracking, but it was great & very healthy as one of my resolution, Physical activities. Despite, there're still tans to work for it. So pray hard for me & work w/ me. Once again, i love today. ♥

End of blogging, time 4.41am, Sunday. Queens tomorrow.
New Year Clothes, I'm Coming!!

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