Happy Birthday

Monday, January 05, 2009

School reopen, many stuff have to be taken.
Classes & tuition to attend, studies, revision for those Form 4 stuff, clothes for New Year, presents for my January friends & many more. Oh-so-busy! lol*

    Well, i'm here to wish my January friends, who are?
    Vanessa - 8th of Jan 1993
    Vivian, ♥ - 9th of Jan 1992
    Jie Loon - 11th of Jan 1992
    Henry - 12th of Jan 1993
    Jia Zhen - 17th of Jan 1993
    Shen Chaei - 21st of Jan 1992
    Tsu Sheng - 22nd of Jan 1992
    * Meikee - 32nd of Jan 1992 *

    A very early Happy Birthday to you guys!

& i think thats all i know.
p/s. Let me know if i miss you out. hah*

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