Funny Thursday

Friday, January 23, 2009

Hello Thursday, its games activities & Tsu Sheng's birthday.


Well, a small surprise celebration in school during break time,
they bought him a Chocolate Mint cake. Its tasty. ;]

Happy Crazy seventeen to Yap Tsu Sheng.


Lunch time,
The birthday boy got splashed by his friends.
Poor Birthday boy.

Games Activities,

I'm supposed to go Penang Bowl for the bowling activities,
but i refused to go because my darling v is going for the badminton training.

Some funny thing happened. Click the video,

Very funny right? They're some weirdos in my school.
Shaun Tay & Ang Peng Hao.


Physic's tuition @ Vivian's house.
The current ran off when the tuition is about to end, luckily.

The fishing light ;

Unfortunately, the gate broke down,
So Adrian, our physic's teacher have to climb out from the gate.

My Physic & Chemistry tuitor, wtf.

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