Chu 4

Friday, January 30, 2009

planned to go mainland & many people house to Pai Ni.
But due to some reasom, the plan crashed, just managed to go Gurney meet up w/ Jane & Vivian only.
A very big sorry to those that i had promise to come to your house. Heh*

Well, ate Sakae Sushi when we first reached gurney. Went Winter Warmers after the meal, bumped into Lifang w/ her X friends, Penny & Tze tzi too, they were at breeks.

Winter Warmers ;

Hello, met Fang Fang. ;)

Li Fang ; Fang Fang, where is your chen chen? hmmmm

Breeks ;

Tu Bo Tan ;

Tze Tzi the prettay ;

Ooops, She's trying to hide from me, because she have a funny hair.
Anyway, where is my sister huh? She ditch you? wtf

Later on, went to Parkson & L'occitane.

Parkson ;

L'occitane ;

While they're asking for the consultant,

Oh met Kenny Chun, meikee's brother, very random right? wtf

Mr Tang just came back from Romping, so he invited us to his play to gambling w/ him. But did not stay there for long. Later on, went Coffee Island w/ Jie Loon & friends.

11-Gurney ;

Coffee Island ;

Next, went to the beach & Vivian house.

Paradise Beach ;

*points* Thanks to this guy, we come to the beach instead of Soi-11. wtf

The little Xiao Ke Ai carrying my bag. wtf

Played some kissing game over there, and continue the game @ Vivian's place.

Its just a game okay? wtf


**** Picture are taken down for private purpose ****

Ooops, wtff

Looi's house ;

Gambling w/ Grace.

Night, sleeping over @ Viv's house. Got to wake up early for tuition. *Kills*

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