Chu 3

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Chu San
, day 3 of CNY.

Jane's house ;

Everyone gathered at jane's house before going out.

Vivian applying make up for jane, she made her day great. :)

Xiao Ke Ai & Matthew/Miffy

Jie loon & Xiao Ke Ai fighting/playing for this. wtf

Above, me & my girls.

Well, look at this.
while we're on the way to Lichen's house.
7 people squeezed in a myvi car,
but we still buckle up our seat belts,
2 people shared one. wtf.

What a good recidents. proud*

Wtf, picture taken by the driver.

First destination,
Lichen's house ;

Met Ken, Andy, Sean
& Joel. What a coincidence.

Lichen & our ang paus, Thanks yea.

Next destination,
Jie Loon's house ;

Gambling on his bed & playing w/ those cute chips. I won some but not much. Heh*

Evening, left earlier cause i have a family dinner to attend.
Well, lets met my cute cousin.

Me & the japanese baby. Ignore me, i know i looks funny. wtf

The japan baby & her mum.

Chi Sang. The brother behind.

Another japanese baby.

Yuki, the name.

Next, another baby,


Kids do always love ice cream, like what we used to love it till now. :D

Gah i caught him curi tengok me. Hah*

Candid shot of my relatives.

Dinner dinner . .

Sis & Dylan

Me & sis & the green tea ice cream.
Green Tea is good, say that!!

Hmmm . . .

- Clark Hatch, Heritage Club -

Thats all for today.
Anyway, Sorry for the ppk. Heh*

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