0901, V's birthday

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Darling V!!! *shout out loud*
Well, its Vivian Looi's sweet seventeen. Met her in school, but din't manage to celebrate her birthday w/ her & our Jane. Sorry*

Where did i went? I went to General Hospital to visit my driver.
He's about to die & he's dead now.

Oh sorry darling, its your big day, but i blogged bout something sad. :/

Later on, Jane & Meikee came to my house bout 10 something while Vivian is out w/ her bf, celebrating her sweet sweet birthday w/ him. Sweet sangat* Few hours later, The sweet couple,V came over and fetched us back to Vivian's house. Night, Me & Jane slept over @ Vivian's house.

Camwhoring @ Vivian's house ;

Rich people's wallet, GUCCI. Wallet credit to my hot friend, Meikee.


Oh, one thing to mention, Meikee was forced to sleep over again. Mahahh*
She didn't want it, actually.*evil laugh*

Well, thats call it a day, a Happy Sweet Seventeen Day.

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