November post

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Its all about my pass November.
Stay calm people, i'm going to post it up.
Start from now. =)

p/s. the latest will be on top.

♥/29-30, November ; Saturday

It was the last day of November & also the last few days before jie loon leave us.
So Lets have a farewell party!!

Here i come Party!!

Jieloon fetched me from house & headed to Upr. Met alot of people there. Btw, got there too early, got nothing to do, so went to Sega && online, borrow laptop from yong seng. heh*

Met Khobo, Tutu, Tett, Cleo, Joan, Charlene, Jing Yong, Mahek & etc. Aww, Mahek is cute. heh

The Drunk boy -

Party like a rock star!
i knowpeople, the caption does not match w/ the pictures, but sorry people i really don't know what to write. lol.

@ Net City ;

First, online, fb, blog.
Next, online, fb, blog.
kept doing the same thing & wasting money.
So we left & stayed outside Net city rather than wasting money on doing stupid stuff. But one thing is worth to me, i gotta view the so somebody blog. ;D

@ Net City ;

If you're one of the regular readers of Vivian's blog, you will find that this is always appear on her blog & now its going to appear on my blog. =)

Yesh, The Hot Girls Alert is ringing.

Don't be afraid, its normal to us, but to you?


- Hot sangat?

Oh danny closed his face, ignored him. XD

Jie loon's farewell was great, everyone there enjoyed & lotsa fun. Lets dance & get life people! Whooo~ we will miss you anyway. *hug*

♥/27, Novmeber ; Thursday

Venue : Jane's house, Gurney, Sega
People involves : Me, Jane, Jie Loon, Xiao ke ai, Grace & etc.
Time : Night
Purpose : Jason day, stalk him!

Met Danny when i first reached.

all along w/ her

Oh okay, this is Lee Jie Loon.
He's going to Sg soon.

Last, this is Jason, the one they stalked for today. lol

Name : Jason
Age : 22
Job : Segafredo Barista
Further details : don't ask me. Hah*
They know well than me, vivian & jane.

- JASON!!!

♥/26, November ; Thursday

An outing w/ Meikee the Hottie! was planned to watch movie, Madagascar. Yesh the one we watched on Sunday. But plan din't manage well so canceled.

Makan @ Sakae Sushi ;

Its disgusting Meikee!!!
the mixture of wasabi, green tea, soy sauce & bla bla blah.

i ignored them anyway. =D

♥/25, November ; Tuesday

After working watched movie w/ Bing han.

The ending wasn't that nice. =/

♥/24, November ; Monday

Off day,
went Redbox w/ jane, hui & vivian. Juan & jie loon joined half way.

Redbox toilet -

♥/23, November ; Sunday

watched Madagascar w/ darling & Hui.

♥/22, November ; Saturday

Working as usual, working afternoon as usual.

Changed after working, pictures girl!

Before work? Sega.
After work? Sega.
This is my life.
Also known as NO-LIFE. lol

Btw, met Wen & Ween Qin

credit to Lst or Gregrory, either one.

People how do i look if i curl my hair?
-Better or Worst?

♥/21, November ; Friday

Its SSp concert, but i din't go for the concert, cause i'm working, people! Fun? Anyway, Juan, Vanessa & Charlene came. Vivian & Cho Chuan came together after the concert.

Okay, it was also a short while visit while jane is working.
Love you Darling!!

♥/20, November ; Thursday

- Noon -

Jane & wen came my house. Vivian came after school. Surprisingly, she went on that day. Btw, I have to go Gurney for the Clinique Skin Consultation , then we planned to go to Gurney New Wing, it was new went the time. But not now, i went there almost everyday, getting bored.

Wen drive us there.

See people, what i got from Clinique.

Its cuppy cake & a frangrance.

Gurney New Wing -

- Evening -

After gurney, went home prepared to go for the dinner w/ my wingeez, before sze went to Aus.

@ Deluxcious Cuisine

My full time darling ;


Enviroment pictures?
Pictures of the Food?
No, so sorry. oops

Btw, met Mr Neoh & Khoon Beng there.

After Deluxcious, went Upr Sega & Gurney Sega. People, i'm a good staff, i'm going there even i'm not working, Know why? Not because we too love Sega, its we get to drink by paying staff price, althought it doesn't cost much cheaper. Hah*

Oh sad, Jane & Vivian are sleeping over @ Sze's house, but i'm not. *sob*

My November is over,
My Christmas December is coming.

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