Goodbye Ahkong

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Goodbye Ahkong ~

The photograph for the funeral that chosen by Grandma. According to grandma, he always loved "red haired" or "western" clothing; his coat and tie.

Ahkong ended up his journey of life on 2.30 am, 5th of December in the age of 85.

Date: 5/12 - 9/12
Venue: 54, Medan Lim Cheng Teik. (my house)
Time: All day long

Grandma looking at grandma. & she screamed, take me w/ you.

Ahkong's palace which comes with a cable satellite dish, servants, electric poles. . .
It will be burnt at the stroke of midnight on Tuesday.

Praying during the ceremony . Chinese tradition

Burning silver paper for ahkong so that he will have money on his way to nirvana.
Lucas accompany my bro burning golden paper for Ahkong.
Oops, bro got caught sms-ing while burning silver paper, its due to the technology purpose. Hah*

Random pictures,
Uncle Leslie, Odie, Me, P.fern & P.Li.

- Not much pictures -

Hope that ah kong will rest in peace.

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