Thursday, November 06, 2008

God, i'm so not in the mood of doing everything, because of I KENA HIT BY JANE, MY LIPS. *mention* & also the exam is just around the corner, Oh No No, is having right now. but people i'm not in the mood at all, for exam & everything.

Well, i'm not going to talked about last week until i have the mood okay?. So wait. *closing eye smile ugly* But what about this week?

do the same thing, schooling, sleeping, after school planned to go for the sega interview but they called up & change the appointment to tomorrow, tuesday.
Hanging around w/ Viki's jet & went Bed ask for job vacancies. Lol. Me & Vivian.
After that, Gurney, Dinner, Home. =)

Tuesday? Went to Gurney as they change the plan & we have to go for it again. This time will be much better. Went to take a past port size photo but forget to collect from them, so now it is still w/ them. opps* Bout half an hour more, Jane came. She joined us at sega while we're having a free treat from them, Me & Vivian. Whoo Hooo. Alright, Talked alot w/ the sega guy, Jason. Nice chatting w/ you. =) Time flys & its time to say good bye, We left, went to Gurney drive to take my dinner.
*** But But But . . . do you know know know, i & we saw who huh? We saw him holding hands tightly w/ ten fingers together walking all the way round at Gurney Drive. Please lahh, like people want to look at you both, YOU'RE JUST WEARING THE OLD SHOE THAT I DONT EVEN WAN ANYMORE, OKAY? DON'T BE PROUD OF THAT, YOU WILL KNOW HIM WELL ONE DAY. GOOD LUCK ANYWAY, TO BOTH OF YOU. =)
*whispering* did you know they have been together before the broke up? Oh really? i din't even knew that? such a sad case huh? *sad face* maybe the guy is too friendless So he have to look for something new that none related to anyone. oppps* But did you know the girl is so not welcome in gurney? Who who? The girl? Oh why? Because . . *looking around, cover mouth, talking softly* She is a theef, & she kena Locked up before during year 1997' s Gig party. My god, She' just so young? How could she do that? I have no idea also? Then? Kena kick out by school lah of course. Ohh, i feel bad to the girl. *shaking head* Alright alright, back to the couple. Urhhh-huuhhhh? So he got affair huh? My god, look at his face. Yea, i wonder how? Yeah yeah, big question mark?! ? Oh No No, its such a hilarious joke i ever heard before. lmao ***
Anyway, DO I LOOK LIKE I CARE? Oh, maybe i do, so i post this up to public.
You can't even do anything to me!!

Spam my Tagboard lah Bunnn!!!

I'm not trying to be Mean,
its you turning me to the way,
which we don't even want it to be.

Wednesday? Took a nap after schoool. After that, went to Batu Feringghi w/ Vivian. Ate at Sean's bro restaurant. The food was nice, but no pictures. Will be going there again, no worries.

Thursday? Oh Oh Oh no people, It was the wonderful part ever. Badminton as usual, Grace, Haw Yang & wei Shen joined. & jane was late. && People things happened after she arrived, Jane accidentally hit my lips. *Repeat again* JANE ACCIDENTALLY HIT MY LIPS!! whats going on later? I broke down & cried && Its bleeding. The blood was like. . . My god. Can you stop it? Im talking about the blood. Hah. && people there were shocked. Called mum & she brought to the clinic, & i'm not going school on tomorrow, Friday. Will be skipping Physic's paper. Sorry Heah. hah

*** Alright, from now on im not going to take any picture until my lips is totally recover unless i'm taking it w/ My MASK. HAHA ***

Don't have to worry bout me,
i'm feeling better after everything.
Its time for me to grow up. =)

People, Comments are always welcome.
Leave me a comment? Much appreciate.
xoxo ;

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