Malacca/Kl day 3;

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Aww, the last day of Malacca/Kl trip, should i be happy or sad?
Happy? people is coming back to Penang soon ; Sad? No more shopping & Summer its over.
So which one? *conflict*

Alright back to my day.

- Morning -

woke up early compare to others after the long night gambling w/ C.c, Zien, Afiq & etc. lol. Packed everything & get everything done then went for breakfast. Ate nothing cause the food was like shyt, you know lah Prescott inn ma? Duhh.

- Sebelum Siap

Half an hour later, after the end up eat nothing breakfast . . .

Sudah Siap -
People, Inn, Partner

Headed to Midvalley . . .

We're coming . . .

On our way going, people getting boring while the partner was busy playing Dinner Dash. Yesh Its my the PSP!.
See what did people did? Cam whoring?

You're right maybe? people did that! She's too bored. Oh i can see that. . .

11 am, we reached Mid valley, its like damn early wey. but what to do? School trip wert. Is there any shoplots open at this early? I think so, maybe some f&b store. && 1 more thing, People's friends is not playing Psp for that moment, Happy for people? lol

Oh finally. . . .

Went for our breakfast & walked around. People's partner received a text message from Daphne, partner's Kl's friends. Oh she was here. :)

Lets meet up ;

Oi Why is always people & the partner?

What? Now here's the new girl, Daphne

Oh Hi girl, Hi Daphne. .
'Povy meet daphne, daphne meet povy. . ', from Yezhi.

People is going to tell you, Daphne is pretty skinny/slim wey && she got a very long hair, its nearly to the bud. Oh Hot hot sangat!!

- Ooppps*

What are they doing?

No idea. .

& last, i like the way she speak chinese. . i loved. =D

Topshop -

times fly, its time to say bye. .

Bye Daphne, will see you next time.

After all the way shopping & eating & blah blah blah. . .
Partner went to get some money cause she was so called broke, she have to get some money to prepare for later. Later? Shopping again ma.

Rich hor?

&& people bought an orange juice which cost 10 bucks for her Bm teacher - Miss Jayashree, because she failed her Sejarah paper in the previous exam. 10 bucks okay??!! kinda wasted.

- Sangat Mahal punya Orang juice.

Mr Sean is holding it. smile*

Tick Tock Tick Tock. . .
we have to leave now? leave the school team & meet up w/ jane & Hui. Happy*

While waiting. . .

Kenneth bought me a Hot Vanilla, aww thanks. Lovely*

After met up w/ them & waiting for our transport to back to the service appartment.

Sedang tunggu -

Where's Hui? She's holding the camera. lol.

Transport? Taxi . . .

- Di dalam taxi

Midvalley - *taxi* - Service Appartment

Service Appartment -
Located next to StarHill.

Went there for while, while waiting Belle's & her parents to checked out from the service appartment.

Oh people, see Jane w/ long hairs. lol
Actually its my scaft, but illusion . . . Hah

Reached StarHill after checked out from the service appartment. Belle's Father brought us to Starhill to have our lunch, but its also their brunch. lol. Thank you uncle.

StarHill -

People involved in the Brunch ;

Food Food!!

Bread w/ Olive oil - Jane's favorite

Lamb Leg w/ mushroom & red sauce - My favorite

Pasta - Our favorite.

Cam whoring after we filled our stomach.

*mention* missing Z

After brunch/hi-tea, we walked to the nearest mall, Pavilion. Okay people, finally we reached the syoik-est mall in Kl. Not Mid valley, Not Sg wang. Happy? Yes, very indeed to us.

Shopped @ Pavilion, then half way walked to Sg Wang just to take sticker pic. Heh.

Opps, sorry there's no pictures for the sticker pic, haven't scan it yet. =/

Pavilion ;

10 years Bff.

Pavilion -
The last picture we took before we leave Pavilion & KL,
Aww i'll miss you KL-the shopping heaven,
but i'm missing Penang badly, so here i come.
Balik Kampung!!

- Night -

Hui's driver fetched us back to Penang all the way from Kl. Aww thanks alot & i enjoyed the journey so much. Sleep over @ Vivian place.

Summer is over,
but am thinking to have a casual summer wear when i'm back in Penang.