Malacca/Kl day 2,

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Theme of the day
what does it mean?
oh dress, shades, flowers, hat, umbrella, ting ting & tang tang. .
& last colored curled hair. Heh*
Well, its all about Summer.

- Morning -

Woke up @ 6.30, thanks to my great alarm & Vivian who sleep next to me & squeeze me till i bang the wall. Lol* Get ready & prepared for our day, Summer Day w/ our Summer dress. Ajak Inn they all to join our theme, but was expected they won't do w/ us. But we still enjoy having summer theme for the day only.

Breakfast @ Mcd, Mahkota Parade, Lichen chia-ed, Thanks chen.

- ♥♥

After breakfast, visited the Pameran Craft Tangan

Top ;
Me & Vivian w/ My Umbrella


The gays w/ My Umbrella

This is Beca, a very Expensive Beca.
Its 2 person for a ride & it cost 10 bucks for once.
God Mahal lah!!

- Noon -

Half way visit some boring place, like Museum? lol


Yon Chau!

Oh People Attention there will be alot pictures of me & Vivian,
Don't be afraid, our prettyness won't scared you. -perasan.

Visited The Ship & i spotted this movable tower, lol

&& This is Kenneth,

he's just 14, so young wey.

- Night -

Kl, oh finally.
Ate our dinner @ sg wang & shop @ sg wang. Heh

Bought quite alot, but din't take sticker pic on that day. Sad.
But enjoyed anyway & we're coming on tomorrow right? Dont give up. heh*

Along the street ,

Before we go back,


Sleeping over @ Prescott Inn,
not even a hotel okay? dot

waiting for th next day coming,
meet up w/ Jane & Hui. ;)


  1. What a stupid trip .
    Which country is that ?

  2. Malaysia, i din't say its good. :D