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Monday, December 01, 2008

Profile & Biography ;

Mandarin Name: Elva Hsiao
Cantonese Name: Elva Siu
Chinese Name: 萧亚轩

Birthdate: August 24th, 1980

Nationality: Taiwanese
Height: 162cm
Weight: 47kg

Religion: Buddhism
Blood Type: A Chinese
Horoscope: Sheep
Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Birth Place: Taiwan
Education: University; major in design of John Casablancas (CollegeVancouver)
Favorite Sports: Volleyball
Favorite Movie Type: Thrillers
Favorite Season: Autumn
Hobby: Reading arts books, Dancing and Sports

Strengths: Singing, drawing, Art designing, English, Performing instruments
Favorite Flower: Rose
Favorite Music: Hip-Hop, Soul Places
She Likes to Travel: Miami

Music career ;

Elva was originally signed to Virgin Records Taiwan, a sub-label of EMI, which created the stage name of 蕭亞軒 for her. Her self-titled début album in 1999 sold over 1 million copies in Asia and cemented her status in the Chinese music industry. [1]

Elva Hsiao sang the song "U Make Me Wanna", which appeared on her album Love's Theme Song, Kiss (2002), with British boy band Blue. Virgin Records and Elva parted ways in summer of 2004.

For a year, Elva rested as record companies fought over her next contract. It ended up becoming a battle between Warner Music Taiwan and Sony BMG, with Warner Music winning the battle in the end. Elva signed into Warner Music on March 23rd, 2005, making her Warner Taiwan's "fifth diva" (after Sammi Cheng, A-Mei Chang, Na Ying, and Stefanie Sun).[2] Fans were overjoyed at this, and waited for the coming of a new album, which Warner had promised would be released in June 2005.

However, Warner Music Taiwan faced some serious issues during this time, including executives resigning and a change of staff members. Many other Warner artists (including Stefanie Sun, Machi, A-Mei, and F.I.R.) were affected and did not see much promotion. However, none faced as much trouble as Elva, whose album was delayed until September, then October, then November, December, until Warner announced that the album would be delayed indefinitely. This angered the fans, who had been waiting patiently. Their protests spammed the forums of Warner Music Taiwan, causing the entire website to be out of service for a week.

In February 2006, however, a Warner representative promised in an interview that the album would be released around late March/early April. It was only a few weeks later that magazine articles reported another change of staff members and the possibilities of the album being delayed into late April/early May.

In June 2006, she released a new single, entitled "The World I Want" [我要的世界].

In October 2006, the delayed album still had not been released, although Elva announced that it would be released in December. At that time she was in Los Angeles working on dance choreography. In addition, she released another new promotion single entitled "Elva Is Back", a fast catchy song featuring electro beats and raps.

Elva and Warner Music announced in November that her newest album would be released on 22 December. The album is entitled [1087], signifying the number of days Elva had been absent from the Mandopop scene.

She released the music video for her single called "Confession" in mid-2007. Her second single is called "L.o.V.E". Her third single is called "Not Far Away". Her fourth single is called "The Ambassador. Her fifth single is called "Honey Honey Honey". Her sixth single is called "My Boyfriend".

- Discography -

Studio albums ;

Collections & compilations ;

Elva's blog, http://blog.sina.com.cn/xiaoyaxuan

References ;

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