Dyed Hair

Friday, November 14, 2008

People, lets scream w/ me
Okay, get high from this moment onwards.

First, Get back all my textbook from school,
cause i'm not going school after the exams. hah*]
Second, take down some notes for the Kl trip
Third, attend the stupid meeting for the Kl trip
Forth, call Mum & inform her that,
I'm going to dye my hair. excited*
Fifth, get everything prepared
Last, Dye my hair. XD

Things begin . . . .
Went back home after the meeting, prepared everything to go dye hair. Hah* Vivian was here as usual, half way through Jane & Hui joined us. Waited for mum to drop us there, Why wait huh? Cause no more driver. Aww sad case. lol*

Pictures at my house,

LOL Sangat kan?

Finally we reached, here's some pictures before we dye our hair. =)

Owhh, me w/ center part fringe. lmao

V & J

Mana you? Missing H? =X

Pictures of Me & darling,

Both in different hairstyle.
Last saturday,
credit from Vivian,
Took it from her blog.

Now it comes,



Have to wait for half an hour to get it done,
if not mistaken.

Attention people, i'm going to introduce my hairstylist,
Name : Khobo Tan(fake surname but suit him, lol*)
Age : 21(still young but old to me)
Working experience : Worked at ApexCutz for one year(the rest don't know)
Working Place : ApexCutz, Macalister Road, next to Red Rock Hotel
Status : In a relationship, girlfriend t*t* (lmao)
Favorite : Ultraman Q version (guess only, hah*)
Question : How do you know him?
Err, through my second sis. They used to mix together & he knows my mum as well.
Words to him,
i'm promoting you & the saloon. lol*
Thanks for the hard work anyway. =)

Cam Whoring ;

While jane & Hui dying their hair,


Me & Hui

My bottom part of my hair was a little too dark, have to re-dye again but not now cause its already 9 something at night, we have to go & Khobo have to go too. lol* So vic dropped us at New World Park, before leaving w/ Vivian. Aww Sweet & thanks anyway.

New world park, Eat of course & promoting my white Psp.

Oh-Owww, something happened, i left my Baby Camera there. Glad that they keep it for me. Old Town Cafe, Good service. Rate, ***** (great)

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Alright, next day, have to go to Khobo's place again to re-dye my hair, but don't worry its F.O.C. =)

Noon, Jane & Chia same picked me up after Chia's exam. Vivian was there too, after her dental appointment. They dropped me at Khobo's place to re-dye my hair, then they went to collect the Sega T-shirt from somewhere near Jetty & get back my Baby Camera too. hah* Thanks alot darling, mwahs*

See whats on my baby camera's jacket? lmao*

Finished re-dying my hair, Meikee came and look for me. Jane they all came to pick us up after fetching Cho Chuan from school. Headed to Gurney & stop here, Breeks.

People in pictures ;

Okay, don't ask me why, please ask the Lousy Photographer Tan Cho Chuan.
Pictures credit to him. =.=

Walked pass the M.A.C, they're having a brand new christmas promotion. I'm not going to talk much bout this, will be posting more information bout this on my next post. Watch it ya! =)

I'm going to buy the Eye shadow Kit, the second one from left. Would you like to get me one? Hah*

As everyone knows, it is Redbox's Toilet. lol*

My Brown-Red Hair. ;)

Meikee & Jane

After Redbox, got nothing to do, curi-curi went into Gurney New Wing before the opening. People, MNG, Naf Naf & CK that used to be in Island Plaza were switch to Gurney New Wing. Ohh, I love it. hah* What about some other shops? Fossil & Nike . . . Thats all i saw on the first floor. lol*

Meikee, the Paris Chun bought some Hotdogs before leaving.

After dropped Meikee, mum suggest to eat something before jane go home, so we ate at YAW's western food, the one right behind 1-stop, somewhere very near to jane's house. lol*
Ate Lamb Chop & Garlic bread, drank Hot Soya. winks*

Thats all about my day, End.

Red She Said ;



  1. hahaha vivian sucks =)
    same hair colour
    haha but i dyed again

  2. Daphne sucks harder.
    I dyed too. Daphne die again?