Friday, November 07, 2008

As time keep changing,
people do have to change,
like what i'm changing now,
i change my current status,
i change the way of thinking,
i change my Unconditional desire
& i'm so going to change my hair colour.


[#o1] iPhone 3G or New phones?
[#o2] New Camera
[#o3] Driving license *list below*
[#o4] Majolica Majorca Mascara
[#o5] Shu eumura false eye lashes
[#o6] RMK product
[#o7] white sandal
[#o8] Coloured Hair ; brown red *list below*
[#o9] Big surprise
[#10] M.A.C Mineralizeeye shadow
[#11] PUMA sport shoes
[#12] Miss Dior's fragrance
[#13] another belly ring as a ear ring

Craving recently, get me one of them, okay? xoxo

& do change my TO-DO-LIST too,

most importantly, study hard for my coming exam & SPM; no more nap, sleep less; study hard to be a successful architect, future. then have a monthly WINGEEZ reunion day w/ them, which is happens just once i guess. But anyhow, i still ♥ them.
next, dye my hair into brown red before the holiday begins & work during holiday, earn money, cause i'm poor Teng, i need money to fulfill all my uncodition desires *list above* & money for Taiwan trip, i'm so in the-going-mode. besides that, i'm going to 17teen soon, I WANT DRIVING LICENSE & CAR, if i couldn't get them so soon, i wish i could have a full-time driver. Hah* oh but the most important one, is grow taller & get fatter, if possible, or maybe i should sleep earlier. *laugh my ass off*

ME ;
currently addicted to RED

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