1411, Friday

Friday, November 14, 2008

It is Friday, which is the Malacca & Kl trip day.
Before the trip, i went to Pragin mall again to get my Psp memory stick & my sunnies. =)
4Gb - 90 bucks / 8Gb - 140 bucks
Which one better? 8Gb lah!! Okay i bought the 8Gb wan. hah*
Half way buying, wen came along & meet up w/ her.
She was here to look for some dress, but end up buying nothing, cause not very nice, as you people know lah, Pragin Mall ma. Don't fed up wen. Go look for some other place. =)
Bored of shopping & walking, went to 'Sua Sua Le', wen ate Tomyam, it looks spicy, so i din't eat. =]

Finish eating, Wen dropped me back, Thanks for the day. hugs*

Went home, wait for mum to bring me & vivian to school. Before that, we went to Ramen King to eat something. After that, mum dropped us at school. Bye Mummy, Bye Penang. ♥♥

Thats all about my no-picture-friday-post.

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