Wish come true ;

Saturday, October 18, 2008

most importantly, study hard for my coming exam & SPM; no more nap, sleep less; study hard to be a successful architect. then have a monthly WINGEEZ reunion day w/ them, but that is so not happening due to the always-busy-study sze & so-call-grounded jane. =/ oh but the most important one, is grow taller! or maybe i should sleep earlier. *laugh my ass off*

Looks familiar? Its taken from my TO-DO-LIST. Hah

But for now, the Wingeez monthly reunion day is going to happen from now, cause Sze Sze had finished her PMR & Jane is no more grounded. Hah

Alright, a sleep over before the day, but our jane jane wasn't here. Miss her. But anyhow, we still had alot of fun. =)

Sze's home ;


Reminds me of past memories sleeping over at sze's house


Before going ;

Candid & Posing

The next day, was a Saturday outing after jane's ballet lesson. As usual, walked to gurney & reached there late.


First reached gurney, gonna settled something w/ some troublesome guy. lol. Met Cleo, Emily, Chen & Fang anyway.

Pictures ;

Do i have to name them one by one?


After so long, we gathered together & took alot pictures.

We Wingeez!

P, J, V, S

End ;

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