Weekends ;

Thursday, October 09, 2008

My Saturday ;

Saturday , Li Ming's Birthday ;
Hello, people today was liming's birthday party at Redbox.
People in the birthday celebration was Liming, Lizhe, the bf, Winnie, Chee Huai, me & vivian.
Sing . . Sing . . . Sing . . . Had lots of fun & fooling w/ the worker. LMAO

Room 31 ;

The weird worker ; Steven

Cacat & Stim

After redbox, met up w/ jane & started to look for Liming's birthday present.


Bought her a card w/ Lizhe, her beloved's picture & some starbucks voucher, cause we really don't know what to buy for her. lol.

Half way, met Darylene & Nicole, the sister & her friends.
&&& jane saw Ghost. ewww*

Went to Mega-Que, gave Liming her present.
Hope she'll like it. lol

In mega-Que ;

Happy playing.

Wanted to eat the tea time set from winter warmer but over 6 d, so cannot.
Ordered something. lol*

us ; wingee

Before leaving, went to CYC and played awhile,
DDR & this, dontknow whats the name. lol*

Bye bye

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Friday ;
Stay at home w/ jane & hui, cause they slept over at my place. Waiting for vivian to come after her scout. Wait . . Wait . . . Wait . . . Finally she came at 4, talked while & get ready to Queensbay to have my dinner, Dragon-i. Banyak Syoik right? i know. =D After all, headed to Queensbay.

Queensbay, Dragon-i ;
Ordered the Sze Chuan Mee, its not spicy at all. & shared that w/ Vivian. =)
Here are some pictures who involved in the dinner, darling vivian & darling jane, me & hui. & ahem*
Don't want to mention bout you. Beh syoik lahhh, like you can. hah


Sze Chuan Meee, yummm*

As everyone know, Dragon-i is famous on the 'Xiu Long Bao', but did you know that there's still alot of delicious food right there, such as 'Nan Huang Liu Sha Bao'. The 'bao is filling w/ some yellowish cream, it was damn delicous.

*my current favorite* xP

us w/ our favourite

Finish eating, window shopping for while, our first destination, Topshop

After Topshop, went to girl's heaven, Forever-21.

Before leaving, went to the must-buy-spot, Hokkaido ice cream. =D
& jane bought some gummies from Famous Amos.

Night, slept over at vivian's house. ;)

Me ;

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