Raymond Lam @ Auto City

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Well was the day after my school's annual graduation dinner. Was tiring planned to stay at jane's house after all the none sleeping night, Last Night. Because of what? Okay, i won't mention here.

But there's a sudden call, Raymond Lam is coming tonight, AT AUTO-CITY. Lets go! Move your ass & ride to the cap. Opps, car, i'm not reach enough to spend my money by going somewhere far far away by Taxi. Lmao.

Alright, people who invite us to go have to pay for the ride. Joyce & Joelle came to pick us up from jane's house before going home to get ready & stuff. After all, picked Jing Rou & Fei Cui before going to Auto City. =D

Reaching late as we expected, Traffic jam & Lotsa cars. Stepped in Auto City, just we realised, They're having a hot event Mean Machine in the coming weekend & TVB super star Raymond Lam (林峰) is having Promo Tour at Auto City and it will be his 3rd stop.

We ate something before the Raymand Lam's Promo Tour, Cho Chia's sis treat us Pizza Hut. Thanks jie jie* We talked alot during eating & we shared alot of funny jokes. All of us laughed like hell especially the sister. I enjoyed the dinner alot. =)

Filled the hungryness, then started to look for the Super star. Vivian & i was spilted into two groups, me & jane went for LAM PHONG & she went to look for her bf. God it was damn crowded, thought we're late but still the same, squeeze like shit. Urgh* Anyhow, the star was late too. Waited for so long, finally he reached but he was sick, he can't even sing a song. Pity him wey, he went to Gleneagles before heading to Auto City.

People i hate her, my sis got a free disc & she got the raymond lam's signature too. I hate her. lol* Btw see the close up of him. Awwwww

After all, went Bed while waiting my sister. Met some so call long lost friends, Gaik Hoe & Bin Han. lol.

Things begun like that & end like that. =)
Reached home late.

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