Pragin Mall

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hello people who are having PMR right now & those who are going to take their SPM so soon. Good Luck for Ya'all. Especially Sze sze, work hard aite? Hugs*

Alright back to my day,

Saturday ;
got nothing to do, went Pragin mall after school. Alright, sis drove me, vivian & jane there. She can drive but she's panic when parking. lol.

Okay, i got prove. ;D

Reached Pragin, headed to Sushi-King. we missed it so much, because it is the cheapest Japanese Food in Penang. Poor people eat cheap stuff. aiks. lmao*

People involved ;

Why my sis seems to be very busy w/ her phone & is that something to do w/ her current status? Single?

Saw Majolica Majorca in Pragin's Watson,

I love their cosmetics, Nice & Cheap

Before we leave, ate some Tou Fu Fa,


After that dropped vivian at vic's place & went to Gurney, watched 'Butterfly Lovers'. I have nothing much to talk about the show. It was . . . & the people watched, like me, sis & jane, we were like . . . speechless. lol* Don't watch, unless you got no other show to watch!! LMAO!

Finish show bout 12 something, went home.

p/s. Sorry for the short post, am busy w/ the following post.
Love Love *

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