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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Hello, was the second day of Hari Raya.
People, I love Malaysia, the only reason for this is Malaysia have different races, & many races, but i'm still racist. hah*
They do have their on festival, so it will be a holiday during that day, like Hari Raya.
In addition, my school are too kind, we'll always get to have more holidays compare to others, like those goverment school. Heh*

Well, lets talk about my day.

went to Old Town w/ jane, hui & alex.
Had our breakfast there.

Love the Nasi Rendang.

Met this cutie before leaving new world park.

he was busy playing. Look, Cute but wet.
I swear i wont let my kids to do so. I hate wet & they will get sick. lol*


After Lunch, Me, Jane & Hui went back to my house, prepared & stuff, get ready to Jusco.
I'm coming Jusco!
Mum drove their, had a safe trip. lol*

me, mum, jane, hui ;

reached Jusco, ate at Hongkie Recipe.
Aunt Fung yeng & family, & Alex & family joined.
The food & the place are nice. *Recommended*

Hongkie recipe ;

Along the restaurant row. lol*

candid shot;

Me love ;

us w/ baby Amos

Alex, me & Amos


Finish eating, walked around the mall,
bought a dress, thanks mum*

Pictures ;

vain spot ;


darling ;

get wild ;


Before leaving, bought some bake potatoes & chestnut. yumm*

planned to go back w/ ferry, so mum drove us there.
but we were lost, glad that we found the jetty at last. phew*
waited for few minutes, finally our turn. =)

we were on a double storey ferry.
walking around & cam whoring while the ferry is moving.

Pictures on ferry ;


It tooks 10 minutes for the whole journey, fast right?
Go ferry! Fast yet cheap! hah*

Reached Penang, fetched my bro from his second home, Strike 2.
Then ate Bak Kut Teh w/ them, & Lucas.

Jane & Hui slept over at my place. whee*

Thats all about my day.

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