Happy Monday part 2 ; @ E&O

Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm back, back to my second post of the Happy Monday.

Alright, went back home & get everything ready, dressed up then Dinner. P, V, J & H, S missed it. How sad. =X

But anyways, we still love our day, will replace w/ you someday, perhaps after PMR? *winks*

Dinner @ E&O coffee shop ;

Starter , Salad ;




He made us Scallop , Thanks lots. They taste good to me. ;)


Dessert ;

I had all of them, greedy much.


After Dinner, walked around & took some pictures.

Picture credit, Thanks to Lin Hui.


People, Quiz : What did girls/ladies usually do in the washroom?


True right?


After all, got to leave, Say Bye to E&O.

Bye, will come again so soon. ;)

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