Happy Monday part 1 ;

Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy Monday ;

Why its happy to me? Because i gotta skiped school again & had my dinne w/ darlings. *f.y.i, i went out by taking slip kay? Not ponteng! I don't ponteng! i'm a good girl! *winks winks* But something happened on that night, i'm not happt w/ it. =X

But anyways, just leave it lah! Back to my day will be better! Come Come People!


Went to school, & vivian wasn't here as usual, how sad. Was supposed to be a boring day, but something reminds me that i have to go to G-Hotel for the appointment w/ Ms. Kanaga. ;)

First, the appointment was at 2 on last friday but due to her busyness, we switched the time to monday. After that, on the monday morning, she called again, she changed again, from 10 in the morning to 2 noon. Ladies, we do not love time changing! But anyways, Great idea suddenly poped out! *winks* We lied to Mr. Heah, our deputy principal that the appointment change to 12, so we have to go early, was like something before 12. ngek* && people, it was Victoria, the best student in my class. It was her idea. Sounds funny right?


Our plan worked very well, we got the green slip from Mr. Heah. *excited* Alright, people involved in this lying trip were Me, Victoria, Juan & Ms. Chang, one of the teacher which incharge of the Decoration of our Annual Dinner.

First destination - Moose

Collected some mask from them. Wow, they sponsored us 50 mask! Such a big number right? & be clear w/ it again, THEY SPONSORED!! so its free! Thanks Moose!

Second Destination - Juan's sister's shop/Juan's sister woking shop- The Pet Shop *Not sure, lol*

Juan offered us a free ride to Gurney, so Ms. Chang parked her car at somewhere around the pet shop. The sister fetched us there. & she fetched us back from Gurney too. Such a good sister. Thanks yea!

Third destination - Coffee Bean

Okay, finally we reached Gurney. went to Coffee Bean cause was not the time for the appointment yet. We chilled at Coffee Bean, talked alot bout the dinner, because what? We're the organising Committee ma!!

& i swear this will be the best dinner(Don't know yet lah), but i can swear it will be much better than previous year & also the most wonderful night ever! *proud smiling*

Tic Tic Tic Tic . . . time flys,

We waited for 2 hours & finally the time to move to another site.

Forth destination - G-Hotel *finallyyyy*

Met Ms. Kanaga at the Hotel Lobby, she was such a nice person in the real life, better than she talked on the phone. So people do looks different in real life, So net friends? Net Boyfriends or Girlfriends? Can you believe them? Do they look that good or good looking in real life? Haha, I-D-T-S! No offence. =X

She brought us to the Hotel's ballroom again, discussed about the dinner .

After all, back to school again.

& blah blah blah . . . . I missed my car. Luckily, Jane came over & fetched me back from school! I always love you Jane! Hugss*

Went to Peng Hwa for while, Jane drop by something to Lin Hui because we decided to go somewhere at night. & we saw belle too, they seems to look very excited. See, proof prooof*

After that, back to my house. Get ready for our dinner later. ;)

End of part 1, will continue at the next post.

Love Love*

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