Friday ;

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Friday, unlucky day.

Morning, school time;
went to school & had annual dinner meeting after Bm lesson. Somebody absent, as usual it was hard to get full attendance from my class, same to my school. We had a Drama act during Bm lesson, people in costume, preparation took sometimes. By the time, me & my darling V were playing w/ my classmate, Afiq's songkok. We do look funny right?

Ini adalah Cathy Lona Binti Kusmin

Imagine, all the malay ladies w/ the songkok, will look that funny too, glad that they're not.
& during the lesson, my Bm teacher, Miss Jay, offer some of us to her house during deepavali. We're invited. Proud* Anyone did you know what to bring/buy during visit the indian family? I never been to any indian family before. lol* People gimme some idea. Thanks loads, much appreciate.

After that, had meeting w/ some of the committee only, but someone attend, guess who? The always absent, Lichen, She was here. ;) Meeting . . . Meeting . . . Meeting half way, went away for lunch, sell some mask during tenby break time, but they look unfriendly yet rude & childish especially the Derrick. ' I don't want to go, but i'm force to go. My mum wants me to go. . ' Nahh, Tenby is not joining us for the Dinner, so no point of asking those brats to come right? Tickets? Money? Do we need them? we can sell it lahh, Don't worry, tenbian. Many people want to come, not only you brats lahh. Come if you want, stay away if you don't, stop those nonsense, like we really want you brats to come, you brats are joining us for nothing. Blah Blah Blah . . .

Alright, Back to the only 3 people meeting. Who are they? me, vivian & juan. lmao. Held our meeting at library. Duhh. Tried some mask & took some picture during the meeting.

Ini adalah Juan Christianto Himawan ;

Finally, School dismissed, C.CHia fetched me & vivian, of course bringing along my darling jane & hui. Went back home, bathe & get everything ready to our Afternoon tea at Winter Warmers.

After all, Our Afternoon Tea begins.
Peoples for today;
Do i have to name them out?



Here it comes the afternoon tea, it cost 29.90, plus the 15% tax & 2 drinks, don't really worth it. =/


THANG THANG, some incident happens, i accidentally broke the winter warmer's cup. God. It spilled on me & my bag, ewww* & i have to pay 26.90 for the broke cup. Duhhh* They do charged alot, i think they would like people to break it, because they do UNTUNG alot lehhh. Behh Syoik only, okay, its very very BEHHH SYOIKKK. & of course people, i brought the little plate back, the one ahh, holding the cup wan ahh. Duhhh* BENCI SANGAT, broke it & pay for it. *sorry, there're some error due to my beh-syoik-ness.*

Left the winter warmers, saw the korea festival.
Here are some pictures.

A music show by korean ;

Selling Korea Pear ;

Korea Doll ; unique

Almost 7.30, jane have to go home to prepare for her accounts tuition w/ HIM, you people know who right? dislike dislike* while jane is having her tuition, me, vivian & hui were kept inside her mum's room, don't willing to go out. lol*
Tic Toc Tic Toc . . . Her tuition ended at 10.30. God! we were waiting for her to go for dinner w/ us, but . . . I got a lil Beh Syoik, then i went home. My dinner ended up at 12, w/ the BBQ chicken stick & fish head bee hoon while watching 'Love is elsewhere', quite nice.

Here is the website, have a look.

Last, Jane, sorry for last night.
love love*


  1. hi there.
    omg, u look absolutely adorable in tha songkok'! lol.. :)
    keep up the good blooog.

  2. Hey kah yin, thanks for the compliment. i loved the songkok too. ;D