My September part 2

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Hello people, this is my September diaries which full of babies,
& now am gotta show you people my lil boy, yuki.

he's a japanese.
Say he's cute, SAY, you're forced to.


- Diary begins -

28th September, Sunday
; Wedding Dinner
Well start w/ my blog, went to Kulim to attend Mun Kit kor kor's Wedding dinner.
Here are some pictures.

Mun kit kor kor & the bride.

Awww, the japan siblings.

Its Chi Sang & yuki.
Both are sam yee's babies.
p.s Don't really know how to spell the baby girl's name.

The most funny part.
Mum singing w/ Uncle Fung.
Uncle Fung was such a great joker, he made everyone laughed when he danced w/ mum.
roll on floor laughing like hell*

candid shot ;

mother & son, sweet *

Camwhore ;

Me, Sis, Lai yii & Yuki

Babies of the day

Cute aite? pinch pinch*
Request by sis, from top left;
Dylan; Lemin(ah fung kor kor's second daughter); Yuki,
(idk whats the name, she's ah lung kor kor's daughter); Ryan.


27th September, Saturday
Satuday was always the most wonderful day.

Went to eat dimsum w/ jane, hui, Chochia, Chochuan & Alex.
Then start look for dress.
Recently, our favourite spot is Bangkok Lane, there are lots of boutique & quite cheap tho. ;)
One of the shop.

Posh, name of the shop.

After dropping jane to ballet, we went back her house,
watched gossip girl season 1 again. lol*

When to gurney, was late. Sorry vivian.
Accompany her awhile, then met lichen, talked about something & something.

Went dinner w/ my parents & my relatives.
They were back from KL & Japan, my third Aunt, Sam Yee.
Her babies re so cute. But no pictures for the day.
Wait for the next post okay? =)


25th September, Thursday
; Undang lesson & Visit darling
Thursday = Schooling day.
But where were we? we attended the undang lesson, so none schooling day. Woo-Whooo!
Who are we? Me, my darling as usual & classmate, Lizhe & Cho Chuan.
Don't ask me who are they, they're my classmate, thats all for the discription.

Woke up at 7, thought i was late, but glad that not. phewww*
The undang guy came and fetch me after vivian. Thanks uncle*
Oh god, the place damn ulu, all full of m*l*y, i'm racist.
Nothing much bout the undang thingy, one word for that its already more than enough, BORED!
we fall asleep, its WE! hah
After all, a break finally, they fetched us to some food court, where the place i lost my tupperware. sad*
Finish eating, continue the boring lesson, but this time we don't get to sleep, the Indian tutor was damn fierce. =X SO we stayed awake till the lesson end. God, its killing.

The Ulu Undang place

3 sharp, finally the lesson end, an indian guy fetched us back to penang.
Indian Indian driving the small little L kancil. lol*
He drop cho chuan & Lizhe at somewhere & drop me & vivian at vivian's house.
Thanks anyway. =)
Last, i'm going to get my driving license, i mean next year!

[4pm ; Noon]
Went to her house & get ready stuff then vivian went to work.
Stay there, ALDO accompany her working for 2 hours.
Having lots of fun. Picture will show.

Darling w/ her Paris Hilton's hairband

Me & darling cam whoring at ALDO

Vivian pretending working.

p.s. Wish the ALDO boss will never never see this post, or else she's . . . opps*

- Diary End -

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