My September part 1

Monday, September 29, 2008

20th September, Saturday ; Bro's party & Girls day out
Saturday, went gurney before bro's party at gurney park.
Was a girl day out after assessment w/ my vivian, lichen, inn inn & liming.
But Liming & inn inn can't manage to come, too bad.
Went to jane's house, pick her up before heading to gurney.
Was late, sorry girls! aspecially lichen, she waited me for so long & keep calling me. lol*
Reached there bout 6 something, met w/ Vivian, lichen, Meikee, our long lost friends & many more. You know who you are*

Walked pass the gurney hall, announced that there's a Fashion show later.
The fashion show organized by Blissful Bridal.
Met Amber Chia, took picture w/ her.

Me & darling jane were like her little fans. lol*

Here's some pictures of the fashion show.
Start w/ the dance, kinda funny w/ the dancer's outfit.

Joanne wu, my favourite model of the fashion show.
She was the Champion of the Miss Astro Chinese International 2007
She's damn pretty & so modelish.
I love her, love her outfits. <3

Miss Astro Chinese International 2007
Pretty & Confidence

Amber Chia, one of the famous model in Malaysia.

Spot this*

Follow up the models.

End of the show. It was great.

We're the happy watching ladies.

After the show, we headed to my bro's party.
Something happened & my mum got pissed & went off. opps*
But the party kept going on.
Let me name out some people there,
my bro friend's of course, vivian, jane, meikee, joyce, penny, chochuan, katherine, viki & so.

Politician by me, penny & vivian

Random pictures of the night ;

what can i say? urmmm,

pretend like our party.

This is my brother & friends

Went Haagen Dasz after that, Cho Chia fetched.
Talked, gossip & fooling around.
Met Belle & her parents.
Then Vic came & fetched vivian back. =/
Was plan to stay at vivian house but before that need to get back to the Gurney park to get our stuff.
But but but, when we were there, me & jane none stop gambling w/ my bro's friends. won 100 over, those are my bro & his friends's money. *evil laugh*.
So plan canceled, slept over a gurney park.

The next day, woke up early & get everything ready,
went to Manilla Place for 50% off breakfast.
Then headed to Redbox.
Vivian came & sang happily.
We were like sing from the beginning till the end.
It was like our Mini Concert. HAHAH

Before we leave Redbox.

OWhhh, jane & 2 handsome.

Me w/ the handsome, Derrick & Lucas

5 of us, Cool aite? =)


13th September, Saturday ; Wedding Dinner
Attended Ye Wen's wedding dinner at Waterfall Restaurant.
We were late for the dinner, but luckily its a buffet, so like who cares. lol*
Took picture w/ the bride & bridegroom.

from left,
behind row: bridegroom, bride, mum, kai-ma
front row: ah ma, kor kor, me, sis & bro
* deem light, low quality of picture *

After dinner, went out w/ my darling to have some girl talks.


6th Septmeber, Saturday ; Auto City
That night, was vivian's brother, Haw Shyan's birthday party.
But we went to Auto City, we think it will be much better than the party. lol*
Alex fetched me & my darling vivian & darling jane to Auto City.

Then we met up w/ Cho Chia, Cho Chuan & their sis.
we had our dinner at Ice Ice Baby.
My favourite dish,

forgotten the name, but they're really nice to me.
Rating: *****(the best) ;)

They were busy eating, we were happy taking picture.
*no pictures of me & my darlings*

Chuan, Alex, CC's sis & Chia

After dinner, visited Cho Chia's huge bungalow, so called mansion. lol*
Sang K at her house & fooling around.
&& met her up, bell bell

The sister's dog ; so cute, love love*

will be continue to part 2.


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