Friday, August 15, 2008

Schooling, study, tuition = boring.
But mine wan are different. *wide smile*


Tuesday night, went for a movie w/ jane, hui & alex.
watched 21, a movie bout cards counting yet not gambling.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

It was a nice show, don't miss it.

My god, i saw the poster of 'La lingerio',
it is a movie starring by my idol's best friend, Janice Man.
& also Stephy, the ex-cookies member & JJ, a girl from beauty cooking.
This show talk about ladies & BRA. Don't get horny! *lmao*


Well, tuesday is over, now comes my wednesday.

Went to school in the morning, then we get the permission to get out from the school for the annual dinner hotel thingy. Actually we're just taking it as an excuse to skip some boring lesson, English. *how smart huh?*
But we need to get back school by 1pm. But its okay larh, as long as we're out or few hours from the boring school. =)
The out-school-team is included by me, marcus, cho chuan, andrea, vanessa, & juan. Cho chuan drived. =)
Went gurney hotel for Subway, our breakfast; then headed to gurney, as usual larh. *lol*
Meet vivian at gurney after she did her dental appointment. Walking around bought 10 mango handcream. HAH
After all, had some drinks at Chilis. Urheem, Not me, Not vivian, its those rich-brats, Cho chuan & Marcus. They were stalking a girl sitting next to her which the parents were w/ the girl too. lol. dot.

Times up!
Went back to school. =/
Need to switch class due to the form 5 are having oral test at OUR CLASS,
what is the problem? why dont they have it at their class?
Anyway its already over. But still 'Benci' w/ carrying all stuff up & down. Gahh Benci!!

After school, went redbox w/ jane & vivian. At first linhui was there, but she went back because she had a period pain. But don't think she really went back because of it, maybe its just Xiao Zhen not going. *lmao*

By the way, sang alot & had lots of fun. Then went for tuition, damn boring, feel like sleeping.


Thursday, schooling, tuition, bake.
Bake some cupakes for orders.

P/s. Now i'm using school's computer to update my blog. lol*

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