Mum's birthday

Monday, August 04, 2008

Been hoping for the day to come.
Plat to buy, what to do, what to wear for the day. hmmm
Can't wait for it . . .
Now it is.

3rd of August,
was my lovely mum's big day, her 4x th birthday.
She celebrated her birthday at Angel's Stemboat, Pulau Tikus.
Unfortunately my dad, my eldest sis and second sis were not here to celebrate w/ her,
glad that me, my third sis & my bro are here for her. =)
She went there earlier,
we went later, or counted as late, Sorry mum.
Tell you people something, my sister was w/ us,
& she was late, her friends were angry at her, FUNNY right? HAH
When we reached, everyone was like looking at us,
cause what we wear doesn't suit to have steamboat as dinner. *lol*

Alright, many people were here, let me tell you who are they. +)
My mum's god son & his girlfriend,
Lek Lek auntie, Ah Keong uncle, Yewen & Yehuey, the daughters.
My sis friends, also know as my friends lahh.
Katherine, Natalie, Penny, Tzetzi, Penny.
My friends, as you all know who are they,
Vivian, Jane, Hui, Sze came for while.
Cho Chuan, Cho Chia, Chee Huai, Sean came late.
My bro's friends,
Lucas, Wei jian(Rapid), Thomas & etc.
don't really know who are they. *lol*

Our Long Table

Lets picture!

*special corner*

Awww, they're Linhui & Xiao Zhen(Cho Chia),
which the guy who force to come just to meet her. HAH
they're so 'sweet'! Can you feel it?

Bro & friends.
My god, John was there w/ those kiddies. *lmao wey*

Well, its time for the cake.

she smiled w/ joy.

mummy & her friends.

Mummy w/ me, sis & bro

Mummy w/ Ladies

Mummy w/ bro's friends

Mummy w/ the cake we bought.
Did you notice there's 18 candles on the cake.
Know why? 18 SHUI, POK POK CHUI (in canto)

Picture w/ birthday mum :

Me ;

Jane ;

Linhui ;

Penny ;

Katherine ;

Natalie ;

Joyce ;

Picture section ;

Get ready ladies!!

Sis & friends


weird faces;

1, 2, 3

When the party coming to an end,
Her mum drop her here,
just to wish my mum. *so touch*
Thank you Auntie for letting Sze came. =)


Me & sze, love her.

Wingeez ♥

After party,
everyone got her own transport to back, except Linhui.
So we asked Cho Chia to drop her back. *ngek ngek*
Happy hui? Happy Cho chia?
Thanks to us. *lol*
Then, we plan to go for some food,
cause din't really eat. =/
End up, went to coffee bean to have some couple of drink,
talk & grabbed some drink.
Night time, i drive home!! *happy*
Thats for the day.
i enjoyed~

Bye, going to watch AOD.
Nights, w/ love.

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