Inn's & Inncui's birthday party

Monday, August 04, 2008

Attended inn & inncui's party at Swensens, Auto City.
But before that, went to gurney to get my mum's birthday present & inn's birthday presents.

Whoa, meet our favourite car, also Vivian's dream car - BETTLE,

2 prettay w/ 1 cutie. *cover face, malu*

Can you see our pictures & inn's picture in the card?
We make it, although the card was bought by somewhere, but the words are written by us.
Cantik kan? Want to have one like this? HAH

Love it & hope you'll like it. =)

Got our present, almost time, headed to Auto City,
Alex drove me, vivian & vivian's cousin there.
Reach there bout 8 something, just on time, not too late. =)
Met Inn they all at Swensens, quite alot people were there,
Liming, Winnie, Thien Hua, Wei Nian, Tze Yang, Johny & etc.
Most of them are from our school, partly are inn's friends from other school & so on.

Reach Auto City;

Inn cui's 17teen & Inn's Sweet Sixteen Birthday at Swensens

They are . . .

Suprisingly, Liming & Winnie went for medicure too.

clock wise, from left,
vivian, winnie, liming, mine

Our meal,
there are soup for everyone & several choice of food, like fish, chicken & pizza,
i think fish & chicken will be better.


Fish ; Chicken

Prefer Fish more than Chicken, regret. =/

After our meal,
went to the Flee Market which held in the Auto City.
Err, not that nice, was out of my expactation,
it was like local Pasar Malam.
Went for while then leave d. dot.

Flee Market. dot.

Wood shop, next to the Flee Market.
We're sitting on the wooden swing which cost RM7500. *lmfao*

Cam whore :

Me, Liming, Inn & Vivvian, missing winnie


group pic

Vivian ; Inn

me, inncui, inn & vivian


Inn inn & boyfriend, Johny

Inn cui & boyfriend

Cze yang & girlfriend

Wei Nian & his target-little crown w/ pinky stocking,
also counted as secretly admirer / future couple. *lmao*

Time for the cake

Cakes, they taste good to me. =)

Birthday girls w/ kisses

Birthday Siblings

Group picture w/ the cakes

Me, Inn, Inn cui & Vivian

/ ?
This is the birthday girl w/ the funny face, but where is the sis?
i have no idea. . .

Midnight/after party,
went to inn's house to visit her dog, tuu tuu.
& some of them purposely went/sleep over at her house just to sing K. *lol*
Her mum are nice & friendly, she served w/ HEINEKEN. *lmao*

Happy-Sing-K-ing *lol*

OMG, she got such a fat dog, SEE!
Liming, now i know how fat the dog is. HAH

Went to Inn's room to have a look.
She sleep w/ her sis, they share a room.

Sorry Inn for mess up the room.



Awww, The presents & OUR BIRTHDAY CARD,
how sweet? : )

After the exploration at her room,
go for some song. SingSingSingg!

Too bad, its was late,
we need to rush back to Penang. =/
But i would like to visit you the other day, if possible. winks*

Bye Inn, Bye her house & Bye everything.


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