Saturday, August 02, 2008

Hello Friday,
wake up, feel like blogging, update several posts.
Satisfied w/ them. *happy* What about readers?

Vivian came while i'm still blogging,
so she got to her little corner at my home, make up & stuff.
After blogging, bathe, make up, gurney.


Reach gurney, headed to Redbox,
but out of expectation, Redbox was full-book. *sad*
Lepak around gurney, went Parkson, SASA & so on.
Met Ivy, took some pictures w/ her.
Owh yah, we found out that she got a great camera,
which is 9 mega pixel & capture in a very fast mode.
The most important is, it just cost RM7++ only.
COOL huh? faster get one! *lol*

Ivy, Vivian, Povy; The classmate

It was a clinique value pack,
w/ a clinique turn around, a clinique turn around mask & a clinique SPF25 sunblock,
also the BLUE CASE, worth it?
SEE! i spot this, my next target, but i want the blue want,
gonna ask mum to get me one. =D

Went SASA, had lots fun w/ a promoter, Hui Hui, if im not mistaken.

Nah, here she is. the funny yet friendly promoter. *lol*
Met some cute siblings

The younger sis & the elder sister,
they do look alike right?

i saw this, a mini photo album set,
nice? Can anyone be my fairy god mother? buy me one please!
I would like to have the simple one. =D

Walk, walk, HUNGRY!!
Plan to go for dinner,
but in gurney or out of gurney?
Another problem, BBQ Chicken or Manila Place?
Alright, our dinner held at Manila place, in Gurney.
We took half an hour to decide it. dot. *lmao*

Manila place

2 person? bored for dinner? So we ajak people!
Called Jane & Alex! =D

i order bbq lamb chop & vivian order some vege type of spagetthi.
They're deee-li-cious. winks*






Met a little girl when we're out from the toilet.

isn't she cute?

Bye Gurney! We're coming Sze!


Jane decide to go sze's house to get some heels for my mum's birthday party.

Here we go.


Me & Jane ; in love w/ her mum's heels.


Wingeez ; sweet but blur, WHY? =.=

What are you doing darling V?

Before we leave,
took some picture of her room.

messy room. HAHA

SEE! She wrote this on her mirror,
Smart way to study huh?.

'couple' kissing before leaving. *lol*

Bye her house!

& bye darling sze ! see you on Sunday!
miss you!


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