Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Alright, since i want to be a full time blogger, so i need to blog everyday.
Sorry for not updating these day, been quite busy, school reopen.

Lets back to Friday ;
Err, went Queensbay again, for mega sales. =)

We were there just for that!

tuition , stay at home , out , sleep over . . . .
blah blah, refer to my previous post.

What about Sunday?
After tuition, i baked.

My baby w/out clothes. lovely*

before & after of my baby

While waiting my mum come pick me up from vivian's house, Hui came & we watched 'Mou Gan Dou',
Although that movie was quite long ago, but nice, starring by Andy Lau, Tony Leung, Edison & so. Quite nice but din't finish it, cause my car came, so need to went back. =/ Will continue next time. lol*
Next, went gurney to get some Clinique stuff. Damn, Sunday was the 10 x Bonuslink point, but its over. HAH
After that, went queensbay again. dot. Then had my dinner there. =)

Hui & me, cover mouth!

Monday!! School Reopen!
Is that a good news or bad news?
Urh, good news; as i have something to do rather than stuck in my house or keep doing the samething in the day of my life.
Urh, bad news; need to sleep early & wake up early. Besides that, need to do homework & study for coming exam. My next assessment wil be held exactly one month later!. God, Exam kill!

By the way, don't really use to it. cause my best Chee Huai is not in the class, w/out his voice, 4 science doesn't look like 4 Science anymore, just left 4 of us. miss you wey* Don't know how does him doing right there? hmm
HAHA, other than that, yesterday we fight for the table. lol* I won of course. *wide smile* They moved to the back, behind us.

Oh god, gotta tell you something, my dot dot school painted all the walls of the classroom. God you know how disgusting does the wall right now? Some class w/ Polka dots, some w/ Stars & Shape, some w/ weird, not matching colours, some are full of love, like powerpuff girl wonderland. My class are better, but the colour are contrast. dot. I'll take the pictures of them one day, will show it how ugly it is. lol* & yet assembly announced again, 'Air Condition will be fix up soon.' Nahhh, as if they will, just those rich-face tenby have this kind service, us? Don't expect too much from THEM! dot

Tuesday, its today.
Had a annual dinner meeting just now, some of the committee members came, but not all of them. Discuss bout where are we going to have our dinner? Best choice, either G-Hotel or Gurney Hotel, grand yet big, can fit in quite alot of people.

* People, 24th of October will be my school annual dinner, the theme of the dinner is 'fancy Masquarade Ball'. Anyone interested, can get the ticket from me, not sure for the price of the ticket yet. *

After school, went 1st stop to get some software. Then . . . home.

Wondering, later should i go tuition? Viki is not going though.

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