Chee Huai's farewell

Saturday, August 09, 2008

7 July, Thursday ;
Cho Chia fetched us there, Thanks Cho Chia. =)
Cho Chuan, Chee Huai & Vivian were there too.

Meet Marcus, went for lunch.
Went to our favourite restaurant, Dragon-i.
*cho chuan, i knew it right now, thansk for the correcting, lol*
Everyone hungry, ordered alot & ate alot.
We talked about something funny for our future & Penang,
me & vivian would like to be a politician, we're going to make Penang be an independent country, like Singapore.
Such a big dream for Penang, but damn lame right? i know.
Stop laughing Marcus & Cho Chuan.
We'll make it one day, then Chee Huai will be our first resident! *laugh out loud*

Went for shop awhile, bought 1 sleeve-less singlet ,a slim fit & a girl boxer at TopShop.
Bought a Quiksilver handphone stripe too, borrowed Quiksilver card from Cho Chuan, haven't return yet. Remind me to do so, i got short-term-memory.
Can you see the black cap, it was so nice, love it but dint buy it cause no point of buying some nonsense. =/

After a short-while shop, went to skate.
The skate park was empty, nobody there, Syoik wey!
Did you skate at an empty space before? YES I DID!
But awhile later, some tukao came, not that fun now. =/
Then we left.

Before we skate

While skating

Pictures of skating

Haven't ready

Done ; 4 Science Rocks!!

Took in the girl toilet.

another one

Finish skating, went for Hokkaido ice cream.
Chee Huai chia-ed, cause he lose to vivian, so i got a free treat, NO no, its we got a free treat. Lucky me, Happy*
Ordered the same thing, A6 && got a free Car sticker. *lol*
We joined the Hokkaido eating ice cream contest also, anyone interested?

Owh yah, i saw the masquarade mask at the shop Moris.
The boss bought it from Venice, Italy,
They are all hand crafted, each one cost RM300, how expensive, but look so nice. =)

Dinner time, had our dinner at T-Bowl, the toilet bowl shop.
Order some sandwish. Service not that good, the chef make the wrong thing for vivian,
Beef sandwich became Smoked salmon sandwish. What are they doing huh? dot
Better don't go althought the enviroment was quite special & funny which full of the toilet bowl.

Happy posing while Chee Huai is busy eating

Happy + busy eating

Alex fetched us back, dropped Marcus, Cho chuan & Chee Huai at Marcus's house.

Home, Nights.

Its time to say good bye.
Bye to Chee Huai, bye to everyone.
The last meet up w/ him,
will be missing him badly.
All the best aite?

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